Miranda Cosgrove KISSING Nat Wolff?


From Charlie @JonasAustralia: After the Britney Spears concert on Friday the 13th in Melbourne Australia, my friend and I went to Crown Casino. This was the same day the Kids’ Choice Awards were on. I spotted Miranda Cosgrove and a guy looking at chocolates. I went up to her and asked ‘Miranda?’, to which she turned around and beamed at me, happily. The guy, who was holding a rose, quickly put it behind his back.

She told us she was enjoying Australia, and that she saw Britney Spears the night before. We then asked the guy to take a picture of us together and she hugged us and left. We walked back to the entrance and spotted Miranda and the guy sitting on the bench kissing. We didn’t realise who the guy was because he was wearing a hat, but I just discovered it was Nat Wolff. So I’m guessing this confirms their relationship status?