Wizards Of Waverly Place DOLLHOUSE

Part 2 & 3 under!

  • Jessie Love

    Nice try, but no. its a crease in the dress.

  • brittany

    i love selena so much i am her biggest fan!!

  • Stephanie176

    yeahhh haha whore!!!!!!
    i cant believe harper lives with them now!!!

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  • JhrPlm

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  • Karli

    no, she’s not wearing a bra.


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  • :P

    i love how they updated oceanup, and MUCH more less bitchier comments than the usual,
    loved the episode.

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, so I only watched the hug because a TON of sites are talking about it (wtf) I took it as him seeing her as a brother would, and he was mad at her for taking the money from him, and he pretended he was nice by first hugging her, and she thought he wanted yet another hug and thought she would appease him by giving him what he wanted so she hugged him and the look on his face was just satisfaction from hugging her so tight and torturing her just a little bit, even though she was being nice–he’s been had! And you can tell that IMO when he lets her go.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it looks like nipples to me, or HORRIBLE creases. You would think people would catch that?! But I didn’t notice until OU so probably it wasn’t noticable to editors or whatever whoever.

  • andrea

    ame el capitulooo (:

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  • Delaniee <3

    Haha that was awesome (:

  • CookieCaramelDealer

    I loved the way Justin hugged Alex!:)
    He was like…having an orgasm feeling her haaaaahaaa aren’t I hilarious?J/K :))

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  • cffekef

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  • CTFxC

    when alex was in that dress, you could see her nipples. she wasnt wearing a bra.

  • Anonymous

    When alex said owww justin her nipples were being squeezed too hard by justin and it cuses pain to her Boobs Lol tho

  • msjonas13

    i love this show,,,, first

  • Leena

    lol. disney is so totally shipping jalex.

  • iFail2Much

    LOL Love this show.
    Harper is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    haahha the first video cuts off instead of horse it says whore >.<

  • ThaniaLorena

    Thanks formposting it!!

  • Kelstastic

    wow i didn’t expect harper to move in with them.

  • brittanysaysrawr

    hahaha i love harper=)
    thanks for posting

  • kylewebs

    good episode