Zoe Myers Love Me Or Hate Me PARTY


Zoe Myers ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ music video premiere party at Level 3 in Hollywood on Nov. 14 included: Samantha Droke, Nicholas Braun, Chelsea Staub, Savvy & Mandy, Boo Boo Stewart & Francia Raisa.


  • Sonny

    I choose to HATE her!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    blackout 101 is so good
    you should have added them to this post

  • Anonymous

    The only reason all of these celebs show up to Zoe’s parties is because they all share the same Public Relations firm, RossiPR. It’s just good PR.

  • JhrPlm


  • Cheap Valium

    i sent htis in… and OF COURSE, no credit

  • blackoutfan

    BLACKOUT 101 was also there.
    they said it was really fun
    & miles(drummer) started pole dancing

  • Hollywoodteentalk

    i was there. It was soo much fun check out our story. Hollywooteentalk.blogspot.com :)

  • jonassss

    zoe seems really nice
    blackout 101 was there too

  • Someone who knows Zoe

    Why dont you haters actually bother to look up who Zoe is and what she has done? Go to her website. Look her up on IMDB or whatever. She is a fantastic person who has been working very hard for many years before she ever met kevin.

    I support you Zoe. Keep the music coming and keep on reaching for your dreams. Dont let the haterz bring you down.

  • katie one day

    Tons more celeb interviews here from the party http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjDnfwZm5zU

    zoe looks beautiful and so does chelsea. boo boo is so cute

    fabulous music video and song Zoe!

    Love me or hate me

  • hahaha

    Oh my god. Chelsea Staub’s underbite is HORRENDOUS!

    She looks like a fucked up DOLPHIN!

  • daniellleeee


  • iloveblackout

    blackout 101 was there too
    you should of posted there picture on the red carpet.
    there mega cute<3
    i love you gavin, miles, chris, and skyler!

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  • Anonymous

    Actually only 4 out of the 50+ celebs there are in Rossi PR firm and you can go to imdb.com and see the list. Samantha, alan e, savvy/mandy. Have you met the clown who runs Rossi? he is like an oversized baby who runs around yelling. my friend video taped him from the premiere and he is really rude.

    Zoe and her band played with BooBoo Stewart last year and she has a lot of friends weather you like her or not.

  • ilovegavin

    blackout 101 was there<3

  • kailynn

    haha yea blackout 101 was there too
    check them out and listen to “too cool”

  • tired of haters

    Zoe is AMAZING and the music video is FANTASTIC! Those of you who have to be hating on Zoe or Chelsea or anyone else need to just grow up. You hide behind your computer screen and throw mud on these beautiful girls who do not deserve your rude and ridiculous comments.

    If you don’t like Zoe then don’t click on her photos. Do you force yourself to eat food that you hate? Do you purposely cut off a finger? No. You avoid whatever you don’t like. So go run and just post on the 5000 entries for jonas brothers or miley fan meetings and leave these girls alone.

    Chelsea you rock and I’m glad that you and Zoe are friends. Pretty girls are always going to be hated in this life by petty little teenie boppers with too much time on their hands.

  • msjonas13


  • jonas

    i love chelsea

  • Jonas4Canada

    What is CHELSEA doing there?

    And ew… she is the definition of a famewhore, she cannot sing!

  • YouBelongWithMe

    She is only known on Oceanup for dating Kevin Jonas

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    why is chelsea there?
    Chelsea is WAYYY to good to hang out with Zoe..

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea we love you! RUN AWAYYYYYYYYYYY!

  • Anonymous

    hey wait they all were at demi party last night because there are drunken pics of nicholas braun up everyone oceanup wont post the demi party pics so go here http://community.livejournal.com/anythingdisney/

  • Anonymous

    anyone have anymore pics from demi party last night?