Chelsea Staub Bridgit Mendler Meaghan Martin Princess And The Frog Premiere



  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    : )

  • pay day advance

    I love that look

  • lalalalea

    chelsea looks so skinny O__o
    & sick …

    idk :s

  • Anonymous

    umm bridget mendler is ………………………


  • josephrulz

    chelsea is pretty… her dress is amazing… n her hair <3

  • joe

    she looks better with wavy hair. straight makes her look trampy.

  • Ignorance01

    I like Meaghan’s dress but everyone else looks kinda dull :/

  • Kadiness

    it’sbout damn time that Disney had a black princess! Jasmine and Poca dont really count!

  • Anonymous


  • thaniaelaine

    Chelsea looks stunning, I love her. She’s a lot nicer and realer than a lot of people. All the girls look gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the girl in the white boots?

  • iFail2Much

    I love Chelsea’s hair.

    And excuse my ignorance but who is the girl in the 5th and 7th picture?

  • Clave de sol

    wanna see that movie!!! I love chelsea!! she’s so nice

  • Clave de sol

    everybody in the pics are matching colours LOL

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, Chelsea looks really skinny :S
    But I do love her dress+hair :)


  • Anonymous

    Bridget Mendler is sooo ugly!!! What was Disney thinking?

  • JhrPlm

    qdIgVL OaXGrv

  • Anonymous

    when is it the latinos turn we always get ignored that’s why we always have to do everything the illegal way.

    LOL! Don’t worry we have the awesome Selena and Demi kinda.

  • Anonymous

    bridgit looks very akward…..i dont really think she has the personality for this :/

  • mileyluver15

    i agree with MIMI some disney stars have awful tastes in clothes gezz i wish i was famous just so i could pick out soo many cute clothes to wear and have people take pics of me and i love dressing up it would be aamzing i cant even imagine and i dont know how in the world these celebs dress up in the ugliest clothes ever wen they can wear the cutest stuff ever if i was celeb i would just buy cheap stuff from forever 21 and just mix it with a really expensive purse and earrings and shoes duhh

  • mimi

    Seriously, can i dress disney stars, i should be their designer because wow someone of the got some bad taste in clothes and colors.

  • blanca esperanza

    when is it the latinos turn we always get ignored that’s why we always have to do everything the illegal way.

  • Philo

    Chelsea i am a big fan of yours and i really follow your style every time from your dresses to your hair styles i know you also have a nice collection of wholesale replica handbags that use every time.

  • Anonymous

    Not only is Bridgit ugly…she can’t dress for shizz

  • Anonymous

    Meaghan is adorable and Mendler is a beast!

  • 1998
  • oneofakindxo

    Omg chelsea’s so skinny!

  • Delsy

    I like Chelsea.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the girl with the long brown hair and purple-ish dress?

  • RoxMySox

    Chelsea looks gorgeous, love her dress

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • everyday

    So did they all go change their hair color before this premiere. First Nicole and then Bridget. Why?

  • rachelxlaurent

    This movie looks shit.