Debby Ryan Nicole Anderson Chloe Bridges PRINCESS AND THE Frog


Every new Disney girl went to the The Princess And The Frog premiere last night at Disney Studios in Burbank, CA on Sunday afternoon. Debby Ryan, Nicole Anderson & Chloe Bridges take this post!

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Anderson is so pretty! i love herr neww haiir coloor!!!!! shes sucha goood actreeesss tooooo =] chole is soo ugly… hahaahhahaha… her lips are big they scare me but i shouldnt judge i dont even noher XDDDD

  • rachelxlaurent

    Shes gorgeous and seems so down to earth (Yes, I was lucky enough to meet her)

  • rachelxlaurent

    Anonymous said:

    i seriously can NOT imagine demi sucking joe’s dick… but hey is demi lovato of course she is sucking joes dick

    Oh ew, thats wrong! You have problems go and see your doctor now! Why would you bother to imagine that? It’s not true untill Demi and Joe say they’re dating.

  • rinny

    debby looks good too

  • oneofakindxo

    By the way do you guys think Chloe is pretty? Honestly…

    I think she’s so ugly.

  • ET

    they look gorgeous:)

  • joe_hoe

    EXACTLY!!!! i thought i was the only one that thought that chloe was soo ugly!!! and it has nothing to do with her lips ppl..she just overall isnt that pretty..she’s weird looking…idk how she made it into disney…the other girls look really pretty btw

  • Anonymous

    i think chole has weird features……..well idk sum pictures she looks pretty but then in sum pics (like these) she looks ugly

  • Anonymous

    ewww that clhoe girl is U-G-L-Y

  • Anonymous

    chloe isn’t pretty.

    does anybody else think this?

    but nicole and debby look amazing!

  • coffeecoffeecoffee

    Chloe is pretty. She just has a big forehead and big lips.

  • Anonymous

    who ever keeps posting that youtube link with the “selena gomez?” PLEASE STOP

    selena gomez can NOT and never be able to sing like taylor/demi/miley…


  • Anonymous

    i think its choles eyes………they look beetie and scary………..and her mouth look scary too…..angelina looks gorgeous but anything bigger is just too much……….but chole has pretty hair

  • iFail2Much

    Nicole Anderson is so pretty. Im jealous.

  • Anonymous

    wheres the girl thts supposed to be replacing miley??

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is that chloe chick?
    oh right, demi lying skank lovato’s new bff.
    WOW slut, you went from little miss perfect
    …selena gomez from hbic to that.

    hope your loving your 15 minutes of fame with the whole “jemi” thing because its almost over. joe & the jonas brothers want nothing to do with your fame whoring family

  • oneofakindxo

    Take a fucking chill pill.

  • demi

    miley licked my p.ussy
    and i sucked her d.ick

  • Anonymoussw

    what is chloe wearing ? :S

  • t

    chloe is so ugly how did she get passed to be on disney

  • RoxMySox

    Nicole is gorgeous so are all the other girls, love her new hair

  • Anonymous

    lmao i wonder if miley has ever sucked dick

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat

    I LOVE your icon!

  • Anonymous

    lmao i wonder if miley has ever sucked dick


  • Anonymous

    i ship ‘em.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat

    I don’t think she’s some pictures she does though.

  • Anonymous

    at least demi’s new bff has some cleavage going on ahahaa

    btw she is super skinny.

  • Yeea

    Debby and Nicol look great!

    But I cant believe that “Chloe”, is the one that Nick likes!

  • Anonymous

    i seriously can NOT imagine demi sucking joe’s dick… but hey is demi lovato of course she is sucking joes dick

  • Anonymous

    damn Debby looks so beautiful.
    LOVE her dress, btw..

  • Anonymous

    There all pretty except Chloe

  • apUzXB

    zBJEDNk apUzXB

  • Anonymous

    Chole deff doesnt know how to take good pictures…..she looks horrible and that dress totally washes her out its to light and her hair looks like shit..and nicole anderson looks AmAZING love her hair.

  • KExwGuCO

    FnbGKP KExwGuCO

  • Anonymousrox

    haha in the 1st pic Nicole’s like let’s take a pic 2gether Debby and Debby’s like uh no get the fuck away from me lolz

  • :))

    debby && nicole are so prettyyy (:
    i love nicoles hair color! :D

  • Ignorance01

    Nicole looks amazing but Debby looks like she’s going to prom :/ And Chloe looks kinda weird in that dress.

  • AnonymousCutieee

    seriously. who would think chloe is pretty angelina has big lips but they look perfect on her. but chloe it just looks wrong

  • Ignorance01

    I think Nicole looks a lot better with her old, dark brown hair but she is still beautiful :)

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone notice how much make up that girl on the right has O.o

  • Anonyyymous

    “Chloe is nice & down to earth” she HAAAS to be down to earth. If she wasn’t that’ll be wrong. SHE’S NOT FAMOUS. NOR PRETTY :/

  • Anonymous

    debby ryan is aamazing. she’s my favorite disney star.


    OMGGGG. i luv nicole’s hair.
    absoloutley gorgeoussss.
    so jealous =P

  • loveFinnHudson

    Nicole looks so pretty
    i think she looks good either way (old hair & new hair)

  • Anonymous

    In pictures that her/demi post on twitter, Chloe is reeeally pretty. On the carpet, her pictures always make her look awful. And she needs to do something with that hair.
    She’s growing on me though. Her tweets are epic.

  • Canadian*Girl

    I love Debby’s dress. It looks fantastic on her! =)

  • Real on Real

    chloe is SO ugly. :P

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  • emma

    I wouldnt say chloe is ugly…more she just looks like she tries too hard =|

  • Mithci

    i woldnt say tht chloe is ugly…BUT she tries to smile WAY too hard and thts wat makes her look scary sometimes

  • 222

    Debby is beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    i honestly don’t no why u guys are saying chloe is so ugly. i mean u guys make it seem like she is the ugliest girl on earth. seriously she doesn’t look that bad. she actually looks pretty.

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  • Emily Ford

    I’m on and off with Chloe. She’s gorgeous then she’s eh. Plus she’s rockin’ the nude shoes. BARF.

  • Anonymous

    chloe looks like angelina jolie

  • Delsy

    Chloe is so pretty.

  • Cassass

    Chloe is very pretty, but she isnt very photogenic. Her make-up or something is always frumpy.

  • hpaddictedx

    Nicole is beautiful, I miss her dark brown hair though.

  • emma

    wow, nicole had her hair done. its pretty!

  • Sonny

    Nicole Anderson is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Omgosh, he is SOOO pretty!!!!!!!!!!

  • rinny

    i like nicole’s hair
    she looks beautiful

  • hellokitty

    nicloe is soooo pretty.
    i love her on jonas shes good at being a weird stalker.
    my fav part is when kevin says to her ‘who are you’ hahaha gets me everytime =D

  • snowstars

    Nicole is so amazingly gorgeous.

  • Anonymous
  • I’mCute:SNoShit

    ahhh,I love her hair here!! :D she’s sooo pretty! totally should stick to this colour! :D

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat

    Nicole is soo gorgeous…but I prefer her old hair.

  • oneofakindxo

    Did Nicole dye her hair? I love it!
    She looks so gorgeous.
    So does Debby! :]

  • keke

    I prefer her looking like her heritage

    she is cute

  • misshappiness

    OMG! chloe is so ugly! idk. some pics she’s gorgeous but others she’s like a monster. by the way, nicole is amazing! i love her hair. :)

  • Nanda

    I don’t like to make fun of anyone but WTF is wrong with Debby Ryan’s dress. She always looks so unfortunate when it comes to premiers. It looks so junior high prom-ish. Debby honey get a stylest!

  • Stephanie176

    i love nicoles hair! shes so pretty

  • Stephanie176

    no to be mean but they kinda just got all the random disney people ya know.. its kinda funny actually