Jonas Brothers Birmingham Soundcheck

  • Pixita

    So happy they are in the UK, there are some good quality videos finally. These are my two favorites:

    Joe shaking his money maker :

    Joe on the drums, I wish he’d play more often

    Thank you British girls!

  • ET

    i mean i love joe instead of you lol

  • Helen

    I wish i could go to their soundcheck in Manchester on sunday.

  • amyvintis

    they’re playing where i live tonight.
    and i’m gutted, because i couldn’t afford their god damn ticket prices.

  • shamilah

    OMJ BEST CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    had an AMAZING TIME LAST NIGHT! joe looked soo HOT with his tight jeans & black t-shirt

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    have u got any pics of that concert cause i went to it last night. And it was amazing.

  • hellooooo

    i was at the birmingham concert, it was amaaazing :D

  • joe’s girl

    this was sooo cute! she is sweet, but wow, joe’s muscles gahh, so hot

  • Anonymous

    seeing them on sunday. i can’t wait :D

  • Anonymous

    i went last night :)
    it was amazing.
    me and hellooooo went together :D

  • Becky :)

    I was there! Standing next to Abi before she got called up on stage! :) she’s an amazing singer!
    Five stars!

  • Anonymous

    How did you get the soundcheck passes? I’m going to the Manchester oconcert and I really really want to go to the soundcheck too :D

  • alice

    Wooooooop!! :D
    So glad you have put this up,
    abby you deserved this reall bad!

  • jjean

    “maybe at your place” lol Joe is such a tease. That sweater is pretty tight, not that i’m complaining.

  • Lucyy :)

    you forget this is probably a lot of the UK fans first time going, since all their other cooncerts have only been in London, i think.
    Shame they’ve missed Scotland out tho :( x

  • Meghan

    When did he make fun of Taylor??

  • MZ

    I’m going IN TWO DAYS :D
    Seriously freaking out :)
    I went in June and it was amazing but this one’s gonna be even better :D

  • lol

    she snatched the mic off joe he was just like

  • jonasFan812


    :) gunna be ffuuuuuuuun
    june was awsome right? and me and my best friend are closer this time on both th 20th and 21st

  • Anonymous



    awwww <3

  • Delsy

    Why is it not working. urg

  • JonasCyrusSwiftGomez

    aww i wanted to be first lol
    the jonas brothers???? who are they????? they dont do anything anymore its so annoying. they should come back to america!!!!!!

    Stop complaining. The US got their tour, now Europe gets theres. They have fans all around the world, you know.

  • Anonymous

    it was such an amazingg concert it was soo surreal best day of my life by farr 17.11.09 wooooooooooooooooooooo :)

  • britishbabe

    shes like screaming into the mic. she cant sing that good. lol

  • chelsie

    eep im going to see them sunday!! so excited :D
    bahahah joe
    can somebody say “x fctor!”

  • ET


    Im still laughing my ass off the concert
    when he made fun of taylor
    i love you

  • megan.jonas

    can’t believe i was first ! :)
    haah thats never happened :)

  • Ellieee

    Ahhhhhhhhhh i went to this concert. i could here the soundcheck whilst i was outside haha.
    lol at the x factor. i think during the show he said something like wow, all of u (audience) should be on the x factor lol
    best night of my life.

  • Anonymous

    how do you get to go to soundchecks?
    im going to the manchester one on sunday :)
    what time do they usually start?
    someone please reply :))

  • ljkljgl

    Loads of us at LG arena were given them free outside the arena…and it started at around 5:30

  • Anonymous

    this so made me smile:)
    abigail seemed really sweet, and shes a hell of a singer
    joes adorable:) just sayin’!

  • Anonymous

    XD Nick is like packing so many things his wobling to get back stage xD And HOT DAMN! i never really liked the JB in like posters on the wall and they are so cute stuff -.- But JEEZ is Joe trying to kill me with hotness her i should take abbies tips and fann myself like she did XD ;) !! AGREED!?!

  • Anonymous

    how did you get soundcheck passes? I really want to get one on sunday before the Manchester concert! did you que really early to get in? If so how early?!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    ahhh right ok. is front row seats good? thats what i’ve got :)

  • Sophie C

    My friend was there!
    A dude was giving out the soundcheck stuff and he gave her one !

  • Anonymous

    where do you have to go to get the souncheck thing?!

  • Anonymous

    I was at the concert it was brilliant best day of my life.

  • Anonymous

    This concert was amazing i went to it!
    Abi the girl who sang with Joe bless her heart was in shock + when Joe called her up on stage it was like OMJ! :o Everyone in the audience was jealous so was i! its like my dream as well but hey! i guess i didnt get lucky!

  • Anonymous

    I love Their voices!

  • Emma

    I went to the Birmingham concert last night . It was amazing and joe is even more gorgeous in person ;)


  • laurenxox

    she was on “my camp rock” on disney channel and got through to the top 4 acts, she was in a duo with her friend. shes really talented. u shud defo go on the x factor!! ur so lucky to have sung with joe jonas tho. many girls wil be very jelous of u right now!

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  • ljkljgl

    I was there!!! Best night of my life, although Abigail is extremelly lucky to get to sing with Joe!!

    Seriously, that night was amazing, I got free tickets to the soundcheck…I had a “I Love Kevin Jonas” banner, he saw it in soundcheck and smiled at me, it was so unbelievably cute!! I love him!! Made my night amazing and all day I’ve been on a constant Jonas high!! =D

  • annony

    wow joe is looking buffer, those arms!, keep it up joe

  • gleegirl

    ugh thats like my dream!

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I went to the Birmimgham concert last night – it was AMAZING!!
    Best night ever! :)

  • Anonymous

    wow her dreams came true… JEALOUS. lol.

  • Anonymous6

    i love that joe mentioned the xfactor again, can anyone remember what he said about it last night at the concert?

  • Anonymous

    the whole audience should go an audition as we sounded the best so far…

  • joejonas’brownsugar:)

    eh the girl sounded AIGHT
    she was kind of screaming though..

    but damn.
    my boy joe.
    muscles rippling.
    HELL YES. :D

  • alice

    She never snatched it off joe, he gave it to her, and she can sing it was just that she will of been screaming all day and she was shaking and upset, :D

  • megan.jonas

    first ? :)

  • Pixita

    Love it

  • Stephanie176

    aww i wanted to be first lol
    the jonas brothers???? who are they????? they dont do anything anymore its so annoying. they should come back to america!!!!!!

  • Pixita

    That girls pretty good, and the UK girls seem to be more on key that any others I have heard

  • joe_hoe

    look a joe’s delicious muscles in that hot..tight..amazing shirt!!!!!!ahhhhh cold shower cold shower!!!!

  • JonasCyrusSwiftGomez

    Love them. :)
    I wish I could go to a sound check of theirs.

  • Estefania


  • Abby

    ohhhhhhh! Snap! ‘Maybe at Your Place!!’ hahahahaha!!!

  • Anonymous

    yooo… i love nick!!!!!!! <3