Allison Iraheta Friday I’ll Be Over U VIDEO

  • Emmanuel

    love the video
    love the song
    love her!
    she shouldve stayed on idol longer..

  • Anonymous

    I kinda like it, she ‘s a good singer and there’s a spanish version. Braces :).

  • Anonymous

    why does she act like kelly clarkson it looks stupid

  • Anonymous

    y does selena gomez pop into my mind during this whole video? idk, video sucked loved the song though!

  • Niley4ever

    wow the music video rocks and so does the song!! myabe she’ll be the next kelly clarkson ;)

  • Anonymous

    love the song.

    dont like her.

  • JonasSista4Eva

    I absolutely love Allison :)

  • YO

    Wow, that was really good. Very 80’s rock. I love it.

  • ShatteredOnTheInside

    loveeeee this song, great video!!!! Allison frickin rocks!!! a little too many effects in parts, but Allison DOES have a good voice. this one isnt her best, but her albums going to be AMAZING!!! it comes out Dec. 1st. GO BUY IT!!!! =]

  • Anonymous

    Love her! and her braces!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! I love it! The video is way cool!

  • williNalli

    This vid is freaking EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC !!!
    LOVE IT… This girl rocks…


  • Anonymous

    Allison is amazing! Her album is going to be awesome.

    Oh, and her hair rocks. <3

  • darkrainbow

    i totally love her <33

  • Anonymous

    what is wrong with the world today? is this serious she sucks and shes ugly

  • Anonymous

    i Love her but tbh those tights make her legs look hairy :|

  • meeeeeeeeee.

    freakin’ love her.
    she’s amazing.(:

  • AmberKnowsBest

    Who is she?
    At first I thought it was that girl from the movie Zombieland but idk her name :\.
    Anyways, bad video, looks like a Sonny Vegas/Home made video -.-

  • DinoGirl

    Been pretty much obsessed with this song since it came out. :]

    Ehh, the video was okay.

    She kinda looks like a young Bethany Joy Galeotti.

  • Anonymous

    The haters in this website are very ignorant! She’s ugly? What dot you look like? You have to be a supermodel to say that. That you don’t like her? That only tells me you have no idea of what good music is like… Please people, use your brain a lil more… Just like she says IN YOUR FACE (to you haters)

  • lawdidah

    i dont rly like her, shes kinda….same old disney people that last for a year then die off and are drug addicts by 35


    DISNEY? rofl you have GOT to be kidding me. Allison is far from any Disney pageant princess. She’s down to earth and REAL. She doesn’t try to be something/someone she’s not nor does she try to look older or act it. She sure as hell can sing like an older person with twice the vocal range AND power. Take a listen to her entire album which comes out on December 1st. I honestly don’t think she’s gonna “die off in a year and are drug addicts by 35″.

    Oceanup..bring on the Allison updates/songs/etc. She’s a breath of fresh air from the Disney princesses ruling the world. Thank You. Check out her acoustic versions of Don’t Waste the Pretty and Just Like You. :D

  • sara12

    not that good, i was excepting something better than this.
    she didn’t even write the song, lame!

  • Anonymous

    i dont rly like her, shes kinda….same old disney people that last for a year then die off and are drug addicts by 35

  • Anonymous

    Why are her legs hairy?

  • Anonymous

    Hahah I totally agree with you and the Bethany Joy Galeotti comment! Ever since I first saw her on idol that’s what I thought too :)

  • LittleLo

    I love her!

  • Alexa

    don’t know her. and don’t really like her. but great song and cool vid. and i love her hair!

  • Anonymous

    I looove it :D

    Love heer

  • Anonymous

    she kinda looks like selena gomez in some angels :)

  • ohmimiley

    kinda reminds me of aha, miley, and rihanna. lol :)

  • Anonymous


    go allison !! YOU ROCK <3

  • Anonymous23

    she should’ve stay on idol longer…

  • joeANDandreaFTW