Cash Conners challenges Honor Society to get their producer, Joe Jonas to call the KiSS line. When they pull it off, KiSS 92.5 will play the entire Honor Society album on the air! Thx HS Crew.

  • Anonymous

    JB have done Birthday Videos for both Demi & Miley this year that were very sweet. What would Joe Nick & Kevin say in a Birthday Video to Taylor Swift?


    …Happy Birth- F U! (and then they’d run away)

  • Anonymous

    Ahaha I don’t think micheal bruno is gay or that any of them are but if they were I would still love them. And I’m glad joe called.

  • sexyyybiatchh

    Honor Society = Pure Love ;

  • judigarbo

    Ahaha I don’t think micheal bruno is gay or that any of them are but if they were I would still love them. And I’m glad joe called.

  • Selena Gomez

    How come you didnt make a birthday video for me Nick? Joe > Kevin? hmm

  • joe’s girl

    no you grow up, im this is taylor swift right? you get bitter!

  • sara12

    Uhmm you guys are stupid!! The JB own honor society, if there album makes money THE JB MAKES money!!!!!! so of course he’s gonna call in!

  • AmberKnowsBest

    I’m not a huge fan of Honor Society :\

  • AmberKnowsBest

    Okay, I don’t like them. I just saw the vid, there’s something odd about them, but the lead singer has a nice voice :D.
    Seems like they’re trying to use the JB for fame? YEEES I do know that the JB’S are their manager w/e -.-

  • juliecouture

    yeee repping TORONTO!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Joe wasn’t a “producer.” HS is managed by Jonas Group, which is owned by Jonas Enterprises. Yes, that means when HS makes money, Jonas Enterprises makes money. JB does own a percentage in Jonas Enterprises. HS is not “owned” by JB. But still, it helps ;-)

  • Audrina33

    OK. is it just me, or they sounded REALLY gay when they said “OHHHH JOE, YOU’RE INCREDIBLE”… WTF????????????

  • Anonymous

    hahaha ohhhh alex noyes :) .. he looks soo bored. haha

  • everyday

    Nice that Joe called. But, I’m pretty sure that this was all three Jonas brothers serving as producers on this project and doing some writing. And given which one really gets involved the music, thinking it isn’t Joe.

    But whatever.

  • Chloe02

    thats me in the background :) in the gray shirt

  • Sandra

    they’re not using the jonas brothers for fame! the jonas brothers hired THEM & signed them to their record label… :| & theyre better than the jonas brothers ;)

  • racheldxo


  • Sandra


  • jackkiee

    this is cute :)

  • iwannakissjoe

    Aww, Joe is such a sweetie. I think we got a glimplse of how Joe taks to his boys–all excited and sharing it. I loveddddd his sound effects at the end.

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I’m waiting for OU to post about the Remember Me trailer….for some reason!

    And that was really sweet of Joe!

  • Anonymous52$?3

    Aw Thats nice of him :)

  • AnonymousME

    Second!? Third!? :) i lovveeeeeee JOE <3. Btw i think he is goin out with andre guasch (some disneychannel star in spain) HATE HER, im not sure if they are goin out but they met last year and they spent alot of time together in spain last week and now she flew all the way to england where joe is, i dont know why thouh… Maybe because she wanted to see joe? :'(

  • Anonymous

    Ahhaahaha Alex must of been bored in that performance.. Same fr Andrew.

  • swiftxwings

    ahhhh. i was so excited when joe phoned in!! and they played the entire album. it was awesome because i got to listen to it while i was waiting in line for Honor Society’s concert!! i’m so happy they came to Toronto again.

  • DinoGirl

    I would feel kind of offended if I was Honor Society.

    But they’ll play the whole album on the air?
    That’s cool. :]

  • Anonymous

    awe thats cute i wuv Joey :)

  • DinoGirl

    Oooooh, I just now watched the video.
    Joe actually did call.
    I thought the radio station was just teasing and saying get him to call. Lol.

    Errr, Never mind about my last comment.

  • Anonymous

    what was the restaurant joe was saying?