Robert Pattinson Remember Me TRAILER

  • teamjacobbitches!

    AHHHH this movie looks incredible!!
    i think he is such an amazing actor.
    i can not wait too see this.
    i guess im going to have to sleep outside for 3 days again to meet him!
    he is such a stud!
    and meeting him was the best day of my life!!
    this needs to hurry up and come out!!

  • JonasFan4Ever

    This movie is just one word



  • becca:]

    this looks good.
    definitely going to see it!

  • Sheilla

    I’ll take my boyfriend with me to see this one.
    LOL xD

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Can’t wait :))

  • Anonymouss

    it looks good, but it doesn’t catch me at all

  • StarLight24

    That looks like such an amazing movie! Is it just me or do the school and restaurant kind of look like the ones in Twilight? I’m not comparing, I’m just saying it kind of does to me haha. Anyways, this looks like one of the best movies ever!!!

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I really want to see this! Looks like Robert did an amzing job in this :)

  • maggiee

    Wow that looks sooo boring!!!! But Claire from Lost is in it! :)

  • parttyy

    I enjoy him when the movie has nothing to do with magic and mythic creatures. Really, I think I just love him American accent a lot(: I might have to actually go and see this one!

  • lemonlovee

    This looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    heyyyy that looks pretty good!

  • Anonymous

    wheres the accent? hes so ugly!
    and shave.
    youre in AMERICA now.
    but the movie looks confusing.

  • Hannah

    WOOW : DD

  • fairy

    i saw the prescreening like a week ago and it was really good=] everyone should watch it you end up thinking in a different way afterwards

  • Anonymous

    yesss. can’t wait probably better than twilight.

  • M

    It looks pretty good.
    I’ll definitly go watch it ?

  • Anonymoussssssssss

    Looks good :D

  • BirthdayCake

    Wow! This looks really good. And Pierce Bronsan is in it! He was only the best Bond ever! Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    looks good

  • tootsie

    i already watched the movie and its just AMAZING! my friend made me go to the prescreening with her. and ahhh, i am soo glad she did :) the ending is the craziest.

  • b_j_d

    I don’t like Twilight, so I have never really seen his acting aside from that crap, but Remember Me looks really good.

  • veeroh

    i’ll probably go watch this movie it looks pretty good

  • a.j.

    Wow this is good!I like the way he speaks just american rather than english.

  • Anonymous

    This actually looks really good.

  • Anonymous

    Too weird to see him with someone other than Kristen!

  • Jess

    Wow! this movie looks really good :)
    robert pattison is such a good actor!!!!??

  • vikki:)


  • Anonymous

    He seems to act much better when not under pressure and is the one who produces, etc. How to Be was an amazing film, so hopefully he’ll show his ability that he CAN act in this. Although How to Be was amazing, sadly it wasn’t in theaters.

    Since Bel Ami will be having actresses like Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thompson, it’ll be good too.

    Go to the imdb for RM and get the script from someone. It’s really interesting. Ruby – the litte girl who plays his sister – also was amazing in this. She played her part wonderfully. :)

  • chrissylove51

    i cant wait to see this!!!

  • Veronica

    Robert Pattinson is a good actor no matter what peoples say about him. And this movie looks good. Hope to see it when it comes out.

    Team Jacob :)

  • Anonymous

    This girl show have been Bella they have WAYYY more passion andd chemistry then he does with kristen stewart.

  • christena

    This movie will be why better than twlight and show how good rob really is.

  • mileynina

    wow robert looks hot,hope this trailer will be amazing

  • Kourtney

    I saw this preview last night it was the first preview that came on before new moon. It looks really good, but I’m torn because that movie with the Taylors in it, Valentines Day comes out the same day as Remember Me. hm…

  • Mariake

    Remeber Me comes out on March 12 :D

  • Anonymous

    lol it’s like taylor vs robert,,jacob vs edward

  • ihateOCEANUP

    i wanna see it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • M;)


  • c

    I’m not really into Twilight, so when I watched this I had my doubts, but it actually looks pretty good. I think he’s a good actor, Twilight really doesn’t do him justice.

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I hated how people were like “Robert Pattinson doesn’t know how to act” just after seeing Twilight. Yes, he gave a bad performance in that, but I’ve seen his other work, and in general – he’s a great actor. And I hope Remember Me proves that.

    Can’t Wait!

  • Astoria Malfoy

    I hated how people were like “Robert Pattinson doesn’t know how to act” just after seeing Twilight. Yes, he gave a bad performance in that, but I’ve seen his other work, and in general – he’s a great actor. And I hope Remember Me proves that.

    Can’t Wait!

    Some of us just don’t think he is a really that good. He was a horrible Cedric Diggory, and his acting skills in general are over rated. He has little facial expression. And for a British boy he is very ugly.

  • RoxMySox

    wow, it actually looks good, i wanna see it

  • Anonymous

    It shows he is actually a decent actor. Harry potter and especially TWILIGHT did NOT show off his talents :) I’ll defo watch this when it comes out :)

  • biel

    I love how he speaks in an american accent. :)

    I actually wanna watch this.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Robert Pattinson is a good actor. Bad acting comes from the director. Actors do what they love–act, which also includes following the director because they create the emotion and character work that they want the actor to portray. So,I blame the director. She isn’t going to always direct well, but because Twilight is such a big deal…I was disappointed.

  • Rio de Janeiro

    it looks a little boring, but, oh my fuckin dog! robert is sooooo hot! he is better than taylor. /thatswhatithink

  • Chiken Little

    aaaaah edward was in rio de janeiro at the phone scene!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this looks amazing, robert is definitely more talented than twilight shows him to be, and this will definitely prove that

  • Janeee

    this trailer made me want to cry just knowing the ending from the script. looks like such a great movie and it comes out a week after my birthday. beyond excited. robert is amazing in this.

  • ME!! >.<


  • Sonny

    Ok, I am 100% ANTI- Twilight and I don’t find Rob Pattinson attractive, but that movie actually looks sort of good. :P But why doesn’t he sound like he has an English accent in the trailer?

  • snow white

    this looks really good, i’d watch it even if rob wasn’t in it.
    but since he is….

    i find him hotter than before WAY hotter, i like the messed up dudes with heart lol

  • Michelle

    im excited! aah i wana c it xD