Zac Efron Takes Girls Into HOTEL ROOM


Pictures from Rachel & Allesia: Today me and my friend went to the Soho Hotel in London to try and meet the Jonas Brothers. We waited a couple of hours with 4 other girls, but there was no sign of them and the security were being really picky about giving out information on whether they were actually there.

We had also been told that Zac Efron had been staying there the night before, but had left early that morning. So a couple of hours into our wait, a black car pulls up and Zac Efron was in the car! At first, he just got out of the car and went straight into the hotel. But then about 5 minutes later, his security came out, pointed to the fans waiting around, and called us over to him.

He then took us inside the hotel into one of the rooms where we all sat in a circle on the sofas and then in came Zac Efron! He was so unbelievably nice and he was really chatty asking everyone questions, AND HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. WE LOVE YOU ZAC <3 Zac on GMTV under!

  • tdl

    and instead they ended up meeting someone wayyyyyyyyyyyy hotter! lucky girls, love zac he’s a sweetheart!

  • cc51795

    love you zac ;)

  • Livv

    aw zack seems like a total sweetie, and those girls are super pretty!

  • No Bitchassness

    I ADORE Zac Efron so much! He’s HOT

  • Li Jonas

    zac s2

  • Anonymous

    aaaaaaaaaaaah your so luuuuuuuuckkky <3 :( !

  • hpaddictedx

    Oh and fuck you oceanup and your damn titles.

  • Doom

    You made it sound dirty, OceanUP.

  • xafranbix

    me and my friend went to the Soho Hotel in London to try and meet the Jonas Brothers

  • Bre

    Aww, that’s so nice of Zac! Iwishmorecelebswoulddothat

  • Anonymous

    wtf, why in the heck do you always screw up the headlines?
    seriously, way too over dramatic buddy.

  • xafranbix

    Zac Efron Takes Girls Into HOTEL ROOM

    way to go ocean! what a title , i thought he was being unfaithful to v.

  • NS

    but seriously, did he tell the security something like “pick the beautiful ones and not the ugly ones, PLEASE.” ?
    cause it kinda seems like it. they are all gorgeous. and one has a jb sweatshirt on, but met ZAC EFRON after all. HAHA

    lucky bitches. ;)

  • Anonymous

    zac efron is legitimately one of the nicest celebrities out there. he’s so good to his fans. there’s a story on lainey gossip about him helping a homeless man outside a shelter when he was in vancouver, it made me respect him so much more. love. <3

  • BadxRomance

    Lol When I read the title I was like “Baby V is gonna be pissed!”

    Is it just me or is Zanessa the longest lasting Disney hook up?

  • muahaha

    lucky girls :)…….

  • DinoGirl

    I’ve never heard of a celebrity doing that.
    That is SO sweet.

    I just gained so much respect for Zac.
    Really really like him. :]

  • Anonymous

    The title made me think he was molesting little girls!! That’s really nice of him!! Most celebrities wouldnt do that <3zac

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Aww, man.

  • No Bitchassness

    Lol When I read the title I was like “Baby V is gonna be pissed!”

    Is it just me or is Zanessa the longest lasting Disney hook up?

    Yeahh… i think it is, it would be heartbreaking if they broke up for some reason but i think they might get married in a few years

  • racheldxo

    That’s awesome! :)

  • Anonymous

    little desperate ???

  • JonasxCyrus

    Love Zac<3

  • Jonas4Canada

    Aw that sucks they didn’t get to see the Jonai, but Zac is the next best thing :)

  • Anonymous

    well yeah
    and they arent just a hook up
    they have a real relationship

  • Anonymous

    Yup, he invited the beautiful ones and left the rest for the JB. ;)
    Just kiddin’.

  • Anonymous

    how come good things always happen to people who dont deserve it, it should happen to me!!!!

  • daughtryfan1997

    haha nice title Oceanup

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t just Jonas fans that was there, my friend Loves Zac & froze the night before when he came back to the hotel,
    so his security said to come back 2day & that he couldn’t prom anything but that he would try help her as she was really upset.
    I don’t know for sure but after talkin wiv the drivers ect they took the Jonas girls in aswell so it was fare, as would have been bad saying you can come in but not you.
    & if it hadn’t of been for all the pap’s that was there & fighting with each over & knocking into the girls & the rain he would have just stayed outside to talk with everyone.
    I have never been a fan of his but I am now. He didn’t have to do it & could of just gone strat to his room, he was SO sweet & seamed like a really really nice guy, who even tho he’s a mega star that get’s followed by loads of paps everywhere he gose, to still have time to come & do a meet & greet with fans when he’s been up since 5am & had a day of press ahead of him. I’ve never known it & this that there are some out there that could learn a lot from him!

  • jerseygirl

    Oh bloody hell! That is sooooo cool!

    You go to wait for the Jonai; and you get a sit-down with Zac.

    Not a bad day at all.

  • Meow

    That’s awesome. He’s way too pretty boy and all, but he’s chill. Cooliio, Efron, well done.

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    That’s so sweet.
    he’s so nice!

  • J-Bug

    Imagine sitting in a circle with Zac Efron how amazing it that. Does fans went to see JB and get pics well they got even better they met Zac,into the hotel and sat down with him. He is amazing:).

  • Anonymous

    THAT’S NOT WEIRD!! The Jonas Brothers are always over protected, they never show up!!! In Venezuela, they didn’t have contact with people ni the building! Only with 3 girls of the fanclub that gave them a recognition! Kevin wanted to cry when he read it! (so sweet) and they liked the T-shirts of the FanClub! but they were always rushed! I stayed in the hotel because I ddon’t live in that city! and I met John Taylor, Jack, Christa Garbo and Gary! THEY WERE THE NICEST PERSONS EVER!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Angela.

    Zachary is LOVE.

    Lucky geese! Sit down inside his hotel room? I would have never left. LOL.


  • Anonymous

    Zac is amazing.

  • Xiomy

    Aww.. He’s such a sweetheart.

  • hpaddictedx

    abc family has the best christmas movies, so cute.

  • Anonymous

    This picture is SUPER PRETTY! Hi, if you’re reading this, you and Zac should date on the sole reason that you two look SO FUCKING HOT TOGETHER!! Haha, won’t happen but you really should :p

    The picture:

  • Anonymous

    and are you that girl? lol

  • ash

    awww thats the sweetest thing ever!!

  • lydiajosephine

    Aw he’s so cute.
    I used to be IN LOVE with him back in the High School Musical days.

  • AmberKnowsBest

    Aweee, so nice of him :)
    He’s awesome!
    I’m starting to like him!

  • Kalina

    Oh my gosh, I would take Zac Efron over them boys any day :)

  • Anonymous

    putas… hehe

  • Anonymous

    aww, thats nicee ,


  • Anonymous

    zac will always win over jb

  • miamorrr

    doode stupid oceanup, “zac takes girls into HOTEL ROOM” u make it sound like he’s cheating on nessa or something


    Its funny how the JB, Taylor Swift & Zac are in London all at eh same time! haha they should organize a meeting or something, just to hang out.

  • lalalalea

    first thought ” omg poor vanessa ”

    stupid oceaup

  • kami

    i thought you guys were a “disney” site so why the tacky misleading title? anyway, that was a very nice thing zac did. he is always so grateful to his fians. such a nice guy!!!!

  • Cabana!Boy

    I always thought fame went over his and vanessa’s head, but this proves me wrong. Not sure about vanessa though :)

  • music4life

    Are you KIDDING ME! u are so FUDGING LUCKY!! OMG hate u xD His such a stud!! :P And the biggest sweet hart

  • sleeprunner

    Aww he is such a cool guy, I think you got really lucky there was only a few of you otherwise he probably wouldn’t have done that. San Francisco hotels are usually great places to catch celebrities. If there isn’t one already I’m sure somebody will make a website one day keeping people informed of which hotels they have seen celebrities stay in.

  • giggles323

    Lucky Bitches :)
    That’s good he’s down to earth,and did that for those girls. Plus we should be more appreciative, cause we make them money!

  • giggles323

    Lucky Bitches :)
    That’s good he’s down to earth,and did that for those girls. Plus we should be more appreciative, cause we make them money!

  • Anonymous

    in the paper it said he had sex with 2 of them :L

  • Madeline

    he is a perfect example of someone who handled fame very well. he doesn’t seem to have a big head at all and seems very gracious to his fans. i love you zac <3

  • Anonymous

    i always loved him.

    for me he is a lot like robert pattinson. they got big in a movie with a not so good reputation,where most actors weren’t so great and they are both very good looking, so people kind of forget about his acting skills. but they’re really good :D

  • Anonymous

    The Jonas Brothers are not “over protected” They didn’t stay in the hotel because, when they tryed to book it, so many fan’s had already booked rooms, there wasn’t enough left for them, only half would have been able to stay & the other in a dif hotel…….

    Both the Friday & the Sat the guy’s came out before going to the venue & lined everyone up & went down the line getting photo’s ect
    i dont know many band’s that would do that!!
    The Friday night aswell the guy’s didn’t get back to there hotel till about 2:30am as they was at there after show party, & even though it was really late & he looked really tired, Kevin came down to say Hi & have photo’s with everyone waiting,
    The hotel had the carpark gates closed & didn’t want to open them, but Kevin insisted that they did.
    & today in Manc there was around 80 fans there but they still came out…………

    To me both The Jonas Brothers & Zac all seam like really nice guys, who Love there fan’s & try to do as much as they can for them.
    most bands/star’s say they love there fans but really couldn’t give a s$%t.

  • rachelxlaurent


  • rachelxlaurent


  • Kourtney


    loved Zac since Summerland days. I’m glad he’s always seemed like such a nice humble guy :)



  • LoveLautner

    Way to make him sound like a paedophile.
    The heading, I mean.



  • Claire

    EEE. I KNOW HER. :) ?

  • hpaddictedx

    Aw that’s sweet of him.

  • misguided gts.

    Wow. Luckiest. Girls. In. The. World.

  • purplekoolaid

    I’ve met Zac before and he’s a total sweetheart! This is a great story!

  • Rachel

    Claire said:

    EEE. I KNOW HER. :) ?

    CLAIRE :) wow, me and zac efron. thats unreal… the title makes it sound dirty wtf and no1 had sex with him? thats dumbbbb.
    so worth waiting 4 hours in the rain in the middle of london :)i don’t wanna ever wash that checkered shirt noww :)

  • iloveyouux

    Oceanup, you made it sound like something else xD

  • michelle


    zac efron you are amazing.

  • Anonymous bitchh

    wow oceanup, that is a misleading title if i’ve ever heard one lmao.
    but thats nice of him, and those girls are lucky :) and damnn zefron is sexy.

  • denizzle

    these comments are just wow.

    i was one of the girls…
    i was one of the 4 who was with the girls who sent this in .
    people saying we didnt deserve meeting him..or saying how this is all wrong.
    it was a suprise and i used to dislike him and it all changed from this.
    sad we didnt meet jonas but atleast got something amazing out of waiting in the cold outside the hotel all morning.
    and fyi IT WAS NOT A HOTEL ROOM.
    it was the main floor of the hotel in like a living room type of place
    but yeah was very happy he decded not to just walk in and not walk back out this time …but the paps were bad :/

  • ShelxXxZacEfronLover

    i have to agree, that is a misleading title you make him sounds like a total pedo! haha

    But those girls are so lucky;D

  • Anonymous

    so is he gay or not?

  • Anonymous

    haha, he probably thought they were all waiting for him, not the JB.

    Still, very nice and cool.

  • [p[[

    so is he gay or not?

    he isn’t gay

  • krixtina

    aww he is so sweet :))

  • emmanuellaaa

    i never used to find him hot @ all but no hes cut his hair, i actulyy love him! he looks soo hot!!! there really lucky! i swearfamous ppl from amrica are like really nice to us english ppl when they come over haha