Web musical I Kissed A Vampire starring Lucas & Drew Seeley. P2, 3 under.

  • danae

    just loveeeddd drew seeley in this. he looks so cute;D

  • Anonymous

    is a parody? it better be because is the stupidist thing ive seen

  • Anonymous

    it is a parody.

    i liked it – it was different than i thought it would be, and lucas has a great voice.

  • danny
  • Anonymous

    oh my gosh whats with the crappy musicals? they suck big time

  • Anonymous

    I dont know the fucking reason of why you dont like this parody, I found it very cool, Love it!

  • BirthdayCake

    Umm…no comment.

  • Rica

    i LOVE Drew Seeley, he is super talented. He deserves a big movie , and not some lame web series like this =\ although i do love seeing him <3

  • Anonymous

    hes cutie, but thats a little idiot..

  • mnkafbmecru

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  • Anonymous

    the girl sucked, but i actually kinda liked lucas in it. his song was good.

  • Anonymous

    booooooo u suck!!!! a lot

  • niley forever


  • Anonymous

    i love it!

  • JB rocks my socks

    omg i remember hearing about this

  • Anonymous

    The girl sucked majorly at lip syncing

  • oh good lord.

    watching this…i wanted to cry. i only got through like half of the first part. when the girl was like dancing in different outfits and attempting (and failing) and lipsynching, that was when i was like. uh. no thank you. it was so bad. i thought it was a parody.

  • vanessaaortega44

    kinda remind me the vampire diaries but in a inmature version

  • Anonymous

    i loved Drew in this.

  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

    check out
    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    haha funny

  • ilovemusic

    And we care, why?

  • Anonymous

    lol funny

  • belle

    was the girl supposed to suck at lip syncing?

  • hanna

    seriously it was like she didnt even know the words

  • Anonymous

    wow, this is really something… i get why it’s on youtube and not in the moive…
    Drew is the only one whom makes a desent preformence, the rest is crab, lol so embarasing

  • LoveLautner

    This looks good, but I really don’t feel like loading and then watching it.