Jonas Brothers KIDS TOP 20 ANTWERP

  • Kevin<3

    Kevin is adorable ;D

  • Naco(nachos+taco)

    Kevin is such a great speaker. He always knows the right thing to say, and he says it so quickly. Like he never says uhm or anything lol. He should be a motivational speaker. :D haha cute interview, they all look wonderful per usual.

  • mileylover22

    nick cough is so hott


  • Anonymous12three

    mileylover22 said:

    nick cough is so hott

    lmao :)

  • lisalionheart

    Naco(nachos+taco) said:

    Kevin is such a great speaker. He always knows the right thing to say, and he says it so quickly. Like he never says uhm or anything lol. He should be a motivational speaker. :D haha cute interview, they all look wonderful per usual.
    Agreed. It’s actually quite insipring for me when he sayss that.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE YOU JB ! I was at your concert last night now i dont want to leave. You guys inspire me so much i loveyou !

  • Izabela

    Nick is so cute here ahahahh and it’s swine flu or just flu A H1N1 …. stupid reporter

  • Anonymous

    lol when does he cough?

  • Anonymous

    Kevin i love you :). You guys are great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat

    Okay at 0:45 that was just wrong

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat


  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Dead post..:/

  • kristen <333

    0:43 haha nick poked joe to get him away from him. look at their faces too. LOL
    and the coughs haha.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat


  • Anonymous

    that reporter is stupid and racist… its Swine flu or H1N1

  • selenaalltheway1

    is joe trying to molest him 0.o

  • Anonymous


    LOL xD
    ‘pushingg mee awaay, if u really don’t care just say it to my face’ :)

  • JBinBrazilAgain

    owwwwwwn, Nick is so cute when he coughs <3

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Okay at 0:45 that was just wrong



  • Anonymous

    Kevins is actaully good looking for once

  • Anonymous

    LOL “Vous êtes priez de ne pas bouger!!!!!” at the begining…

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat

    Joe’s facial expressions & big smile o.O

  • everyday

    Funny when he pokes Joe to get him to stop. Brotherly! The reporter stood next to him the whole time and at the end she suddenly is worried. Too late at that point. And the Mexican flu?

  • AAC

    Poor Nick. He’s still sick.

    Unless this is from a while ago…

  • Anonymous

    okay, so no offense to nick or anything, and i know that hes sick,
    but the coughs just disgusted me.

  • ilovemusic

    They are so sweet.
    Jonas Brothers forever.
    <3 :)

  • Anonymous
  • Bre

    “Mexican Flu” <– MEAN!! BTW @ “Kevins is actaully good looking for once” You oviously haven’t seen many pictures or videos of Kevin.

  • Mel

    In Europe it’s the Mexican Flu…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yes lve hb

  • Anonymous

    Whoa!!! did she really have to call it the Mexican-flu. That was wrong & disrespectful.

  • dani

    who is it who cares what he says very bad paresis me what he said about mexican flu
    i´m angry

  • Hannah

    Been there and loved it !!
    Hey and nothing bad about other Belgian people !!


  • Anonymous

    It really is the mexican flu , first it was called the swine flu because they tought it was of the pigs and the swines. But because that wasn’t true and it began in Mexico they call it the Mexican Flu , it’s like the Spanish Flu , no one was mad about that ?! You guys really should get a life instead of insulting other people !

  • JB rocks my socks

    wow Mexican flu im offended lol
    lmao 0:45 it took me hella long to see that it was hella quick u guys notice everything

  • Anonymous

    stupid girl!!
    its swine flu!!
    not mexican! i hate that F******G comment

  • Anonymous

    Mexican flu?? stupid bitch.

  • _MrsNickJonas

    Aww!! Nick Is SOO cute when he coughs!!

  • Anonymous

    what a stupid reporter it ain’t the mexican flu…

  • titiJBlover

    :) ocean up fail

  • Jazi

    Mexican Flu?? well that’s racist :/
    its H1N1 or Swine Flu!! :p

    hhaaha love the Joick moment at :43!! ;) <3

    and that person who commented “Kevin is actually good looking for once”

    wtf you talking about?? he’s gorgeous all the time!!:D <3

  • Anonymous


  • YouBelongWithMe


  • Anonymous

    Slow day?
    Whatever I love them <3

  • DemiandMileyPones

    Nick, if you don’t loose that hat, I might loose it. The headband was better. The hat is just a big no no.! :/

  • naco(nacho+taco)

    Haha, I think it’s adorable. It’s classic, just like him. :P I think it matches his style. It’s kind of like Frank Sanatra-ish lmao.

  • amandanne

    “The Mexican Flu” hahaaha

  • xafranbix


  • stellagirl1993

    I watch this show every saturday :O
    & i don’t even live in belgium lol

  • Yasmine

    Well yeah here in Belgium or just Europe most people call it mexican flu, it’s not meant to be racist at all


  • Mel

    Exactly! =) No need to hate on Eline (the reporter)

  • iwannakissjoe

    JOE!!! Singing with Demi in Camp Rock he is absolutely beautiful and then the LITTLE we saw of him in this interview with short — still the MOST GORGEOUS THING ALIVE!!!

  • Anonymous25

    0:43 JOICK moment!!! Joe even gives a wink to Nick!!… O_o LOL

  • Anonymous25

    I have never seen so much love between brothers… JOICK is unique!

  • Anonymous

    yeah here… in Europe … “Swine flu” is Mexican flu .. because everybody think that flu begun in Mexico. Like Spanish flu.

  • Anonymous


    RT Omg! Joes got glasses on and nicks got a dickie bow!

    2 minutes ago from Echofon

  • josephrulz

    lol @joick… cute ;)