Mandy Van Duyne & Chester Consumption

WARNING: Trailer is BLOODY and graphic. Chester from Disney 365 & one of Jonas Brothers’ BFFs Mandy Van Duyne filmed ‘Consumption‘ over the summer with Caleb from School Boy Humor. It’s a short low budget horror film.

  • fall out boyy

    You guys be nice its a bigger (student) film. Everyone has horrible resolution and such when they first begin learning. I’ve seen wayyy worst student films. This is not a Hollywood budgetted film so stop comparing and open your damn mind to something different. Your so trained to like blockbuster movies its sick.
    student film or not, the plot looks stupid and the acting sucks. Its not even the resolution. yeah maybe we are trained to like blockbuster films, but that means we are trained to like GOOD movies with an interesting plot and GOOD actors. sorry if you like lame ass films

  • Mikki Raee

    alright thennn… :0

  • J

    it’s only a short movie it won’t be in theather ( no idea how to spell it)

  • Anonymous

    shes from disney 365?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    This is really crappy resolution.

    Mandy please keep your job as promoting bands. Thanks.

  • Selena Gomezz

    this sucks!!! seriously.. i love mady and shes amazing
    but this trailer sucks!!

    ooh and i fucked Taylor Lautner

    Miley is a dumb chick…

    she’s a looser

  • marissa

    awwww love those too!
    met them this summer a few times!
    both so sweet.
    its going to be straight to dvd so i highly recomment people and go and buy it:)

  • Anonymous

    that movie looks weird as shit.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3


  • Anonymous

    Mandy acts now?

  • Anonymous

    love them :P

  • cony


  • andy

    i’m sorry but that was horrendous.

  • DMV

    You can see the low budgetness of the film. Thats not a good thing.

  • Dumm Blonnd


  • transform ya

    what the hell is this shit

  • lalalalalala

    Wow that looks positively ghastly.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me a lot of the shitty haunted house I went to last month.

    Not good.

  • Anonymous

    Bad move honey. I mean I know everyones gotta start somewhere but that means TV (I bet if you tried where you lvie you might be able to catch a guest Gossip Girl spot next season. Get a better Agent) not shitty indie movies like this one. Did you see the vampires lame as teeth and all the fake ass blood. However Chester? looks damn good but not goo enough to see this shit.

  • Anonymous

    You guys be nice its a bigger (student) film. Everyone has horrible resolution and such when they first begin learning. I’ve seen wayyy worst student films. This is not a Hollywood budgetted film so stop comparing and open your damn mind to something different. Your so trained to like blockbuster movies its sick.

  • Melissa.

    I love mandy and she is so sweet and everything but this movie is just not good. :/

  • roflkayla

    LMFAO. this looks terrible.

  • KellyLovesJoeJ

    Hahahah the black guy with the fangs is like Heeyyyyy.
    And uhm..great acting there mandy..great job.

  • roflkayla

    it’s got nothing to do with the resolution or quality or anything of that nature. the movie itself looks dumb as fuck.

  • BirthdayCake

    Chester always seemed creepy on Disney 365 but wow did he look good in that! Lol.

  • louisee

    ….the fuck?

  • Anonymous

    wtf that’s so crap ahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it actually looked pretty good. How can you judge a film, like the acting in it, based on a trailer? Too many haters on here.

  • Anonymous

    hahahah i loved it :)
    I am so weird :D

  • Vanessa9248

    chester is too cool :)

  • Anonymous

    I almost auditioned for this movie. It DOES look kinda lame but I REALLY wanna see it. Seeing as I could have been in it. :P

  • Anonymous

    That looks amazing! I love Chester and can’t wait to see this!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    what the motherfucking shit is this?

    first true blood, then twilight, vampire diaries and NOW THIS PIECE OF SHIT?

    wtf. bring back the old hollywood people.

    before sex and evil took over.

  • Anonymous

    uh… yeah… when I read low budget I didn’t think it meant low budget like this… wow… and jb calls themselves her best friends?

    with friends so helpful like this who needs enemies. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    i’ll watch it anyway just to cringe and laugh at their bad acting.

  • Anonymous

    what the hell?

  • Anonymous

    I love Chester so much. I met him, he’s one of the nicest guys, EVER. And I’m really not just saying that, he is so sweet.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’ll go see it…
    has she moved to LA?

  • Anonymous

    wow, that looks terrible.

  • briannaMarie

    it looks alright :)

  • Laurenxo

    Wow .. what was the budget? $10?
    Horrible actors, no doubt a horrible story line, and horrible budget.

    I pity anyone who actually wastes their money going to see this piece of shit.

    PS .. Please don’t go see this just because she’s friends with the Jonas Brothers. I mean, I love those boys with all my heart, but that doesn’t mean I should love her just because of them. You’re not doing them any favors.

  • Anonymous

    it’s going straight to dvd stupid. i’ll watch it. love chester and mandy, and caleb is a total sweetheart!

  • Anonymous

    looks cheap and crap :L

  • Anonymous

    Omg Chester! Lol that guy scares me

  • Anonymous

    Mandy always laughs when I act stupid. I am unaware that I’m a nuisance.

  • LatinGirl14

    With her it’s never waste of time Mandy always knows exactly what i’m feeling and she’s always on my mind and now i’m never gonna let her go cause Mandy always knows

  • sdfsdfsdfs

    okie dokie then.

  • Anonymous

    Of course it’s going straight to dvd, stupid. It’s a short film. Idiot.

  • Anonymous


  • Corinna

    it’s kind of embarrassing to say that this was filmed in my hometown, and how fake their acting is.. but other than that, i’m glad that chester is getting into the acting career other than disney 365. :)

  • Anonymous

    ewww that looks really cheap

  • I


  • Kristen827

    this wont be in the theaters it will just be put straight to dvd. and no mandy didnt move to l.a. she still lives in new jersey :)

    Mandy is the jonas brothers friend, i met her like 5 times she’s gorgeous especially in person im like so jealous of her haha and she is so incredibly nice i talk to her on myspace all the time.

    the movie does look kinda corny lmao

  • Sheilla

    Mandy’s a great girl, and she’s actually not a bad actress. I’ve seen her do small skits and such, she’s decent in the acting world.
    Now this movie, eh, pretty shitty.
    But you gotta start somewhere. I’m sure even if the plot sucks and so does the resolution, she’s a mediocre actress.
    She’ll get other roles later on in life.

    Go Mandy!! :)
    Love her, by far one of the sweetest girls ever.

  • louisee

    just kidding.
    ew blooody guts