Cody Linley Broadway Star OVER HERE!


Cody Linley has landed a role in hte upcoming Broadway musical Over Here!, according to Radar. The wartime production opens in 2010. Cody had to quit the upcoming Disney Channel movie Starstruck due to conflicting schedules.

Cody’s rep said: ‘Cody is very excited about going to Broadway. The start dates on both kept shifting and Over Here! was contractually in first position, so he had to give up Starstruck.’

  • Anonymous

    hes annoying, a bad actor, and not even cute….get sumwhere, where i wont c u…eeeww

  • Anonymous

    hes ugly and annoying…………and he sed miley had swine flu lol

  • skarletskies.

    is he still datig mley?
    lmfao uhh.. no.

  • Anonymous

    Okay. This guy is soo ugly. And it seems like he’s REALLYY full of it too. I mean what guy poses like that. He’s too skinny!

  • OkayThen

    He looks like such a douche in this pic. SO UGLY!

  • Nova

    Wow, six pax abs. look great!


  • Anonymous

    umm yeah.
    so he’s just living his life the way he wants it, which is fine with me.
    BUT hes taking advantage of his fame or whatever by showing off his “hot” body.

  • Anonymous

    He’s so hot

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  • Anonymous

    i think he is a really good actor and i just saw the movie hoot which he plays in and it was so good!

  • Anonamas


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  • Anonymous

    i used to think he was really cute, but now not so much. he seems so conceited and full of it. like a jerk ass :(

  • Anonymous

    he’s such a fag.
    & thinks he’s amazing :P

  • Kiera


  • Anonymous

    didnt he dated demi??

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He’s got so many great pictures of him and this is what you post of him, ocean up?! What is wrong with you. Cody is a wonderful person and actor. Stop trying to screw with him with these kinds of passive aggressive maneuvers!

  • Anonymous


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    i think

  • ……fghjkiuy6trdesza

    yess I was first now I’m secondd

  • Anonymoussadj

    nice abs ;)


    that’s really cool.

  • Anonymous

    is he still datig mley?