Justin Bieber FALLING & BREAKING Foot

From Francesa: ‘Justin fell at the very start of One Time and then limped around the rest of the song. As soon as the song finished he limped off the stage really quickly. The DJ tried chanted his name for an encore but one of the dancers came back on and told the DJ that Justin wasn’t coming back on.’

  • Anonymous

    WHO CARES……..i am sick of him. dude sounds like he should belong on KIDz Bopz
    and i’m sick of people like you who never give Justin Bieber a chance. i bet you would’ve run off stage crying, so just shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Lucky your from canada, haha thats where Justin’s from.

  • Gemma

    Its a true performer that will keep on going for his fans even though he’s clearly in a lot of pain
    Love you Justinn <3

  • Anonymous

    awh I feel bad for him falling,
    never heard his music but he’s kind of off at the beginning even before he fell,
    sounds so young ;)

    But he’s cute he deserves a chance!

  • Delsy

    Its a true performer that will keep on going for his fans even though he’s clearly in a lot of pain
    Love you Justinn <3



  • leatherstuddedKISS.

    He is a trooper really.
    It takes a lot for someone to hurt their foot or ankle, and then get back up and keep singing.

  • Anonymous

    you couldnt even read the pain off his face,
    gotta give him props for that still though
    never heard his music ;)

  • Anonymous

    i was there and honestly, if it was me i would have burst into tears on stage. he’s so amazing to carry on and act like nothing’s wrong.

  • Dianaa

    Wow when it should happen to me i would fall down and cry! He’s so strong!

    Love you Justin! <333

  • Sonny

    Wow!!! I almost cried, because that is serious commitment! He’s an up and coming star, he could have cried with pain and just stopped the song…no he kept on going! He’s a true person, he’s not about to let his fans down! GO BIEBER!!! <3 Hope his ankle gets better…SOON!

  • Kiera

    Not even a fan, But gotta give him props for staying up, & acting like nothings wrong!

  • jerry

    WHO CARES……..i am sick of him. dude sounds like he should belong on KIDz Bopz

  • Dianaa

    Wow is it realy 11;30 in america!
    in Holland is it right now 20;30 :O

  • Anonymous

    You can kinda of tell right as he’s running out that he trips… you can see his right foot kind of go up as if he is reacting to the pain and doesn’t want to put it down, and he kind of stumbles to a stop.

    I’ve broken a foot and an ankle before, and as soon as the foot rolled, I was on the ground in so much pain. Can’t believe this kid kept walking around. True devotion! right there

  • Anonymous

    haha cool you’re from holland too? ;)

  • Anonymous

    WHO CARES……..i am sick of him. dude sounds like he should belong on KIDz Bopz

    Did ya hear that.
    Theres this one pathetic person on ocean up who’s sick of you. Stop making music, and living your dream ! …who cares about You.

  • Anonymous

    i love justin bieber
    but him + taylor got nothing on jonas brothers and their Wembley shows :|

  • Anonymous

    aww poor Justin :'(
    Get better soon <3

  • Shianne ?s Bieber

    yeah when i saw that i was like whoa i cant watch this vid but he just kept going sooo sad
    poor baby

  • Anonymous

    Wow is it realy 11;30 in america!
    in Holland is it right now 20;30 :O
    Really? In Canada its 2:40 pm I think thats 14:40 by your guys’ clock. :)

  • swiftxwings

    awwwwwww bieber!
    i can’t believe he still peformed.
    btw. i’m NOT a fan.
    but i feel sorry for the kid.

  • jonas>miley

    i feel so bad for him :(
    poor justin.
    It must have hurt to continue dancing and walking around stage.

    Hater need to FUCK OFF!

  • Anonymous

    its not right that he is singing along to the recorded track.. REAL singers with REAL talent can sing without the recorded version,im not trying to say that he cant sing but really..if he has enough talent to get noticed by Justin Timberlake and Usher..then he should be fine singing by himself [if you know what i mean]

  • Anonymous

    Wow is it realy 11;30 in america!
    in Holland is it right now 20;30 :O
    Really? In Canada its 2:40 pm I think thats 14:40 by your guys’ clock. :)
    I meant in Toronto, Canada. haha.
    theres many different times all around the country ;)

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    when does he actually hurt his foot?
    i can’t tell..

  • Anonymous

    Yes :P

  • snowstars

    Dang, that’s impressive.

  • snowstars

    when does he actually hurt his foot?
    i can’t tell..


    Right when he’s running out… he trips.

  • asdfghjkl

    when did he fall??
    I didn’t see anything he was just walking normal and then started limping….
    at what time does he hurt his ankle???

  • Anonymous1111
  • Anonymous

    how come the song plays in the background

  • taylorswifty

    r u kidding? the jonas brothers are going downhill…they used to be really popular but not anymore. only in other countries than America

  • BirthdayCake

    Justin when your hurt, I’m not right!

    Seriously, I think it took a lot of strength to make it through the song. I’m impressed. Heal fast!

  • ellen luvs jonas and bieber

    its so sad how on all of this twitter stuff that he is so pumped to go do all this stuff then it goes horribly wrong (the cd signing, the concert. . )

  • afan

    he tripped around :15 you kinda just see him jump. he is amazing and i am so proud of him for continueing the song with a broken ankle!

  • Mardy74

    technically, he only broke a foot.
    Karmas a bitch huh? – Then I wonder whats gonna happen to you???

  • nikabela

    I have new respect for this kid. He is a pro. Amazing how he kept going.

  • Megan

    that is amazing how he kept going!
    and you couldn’t even tell he was in pain!
    he is amazing! and he like ran off :(
    i feel so bad!
    i hope you feel better justin!

  • heather oneil

    awww poor justin it looked like he was in pain the whole time

  • diane.

    whoever said justin is true performer because he kept on going i agree with yuu. That mustve hurt like crazy. i member when i sprained my foot it hurt when i just stood up so yea. its nice to see that he didnt just go away but, he finished the song. But on some websites when yuu search justin bieber all yuu get is ohh he sprained his foot everyones blowing this up hes only human so hell get injuries from time to time.
    but im glad he had gone to the hospital. GET WELL JUSTIN~

  • Anonymous

    awwww<3 my pooor justin i love him sosoosos muuch i hope he feels better righht away!<3333 he is amazing staying on stage,in all thaat pain !<33333

  • Anonymous

    you are so hot justin but to see him go like that is so strong i have broke my right ankle and it hurt so you are so strong love ya


    i was there
    i could see backstage and afetr he limped off, his bodyguard came and picked him up and carried him down all the stairs, and he kinda buried his head in the bodyguards sholdour as well.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. He did really well for being in so much pain. I wouldnt have been able to do it. Love you Justin!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Do I have an amazing boyfriend or what? lol!!jk!!I love him that is amazing what he did, that’s a REAL man!:)

  • Anonymous

    poor baby =/

  • Anonymous

    aww i love u justin,ur so talented, wow how he kept singing and even DANCING! how brave is that! now i hope he gets well soon!


  • Lauren.

    You can completely tell Justin is a true performer for carrying on, you can completely tell he was in loads of pain. Good on him for carryin on like a pro.
    He was amazing in Manchester last night! He performed even with the huge cast on that was half way up his leg ha bless his cotton socks.
    He even tried to dance a little bit!
    Total respect for that lad.
    I hope his foot heels up soon.

  • Becky_16

    wow thats incredible how he kept singing like that, he must of been in so much pain, its actually hard to watch him limping like that. Hope he gets better soon :))

  • Yep yep

    its not right that he is singing along to the recorded track.. REAL singers with REAL talent can sing without the recorded version,im not trying to say that he cant sing but really..if he has enough talent to get noticed by Justin Timberlake and Usher..then he should be fine singing by himself [if you know what i mean]
    Its called a backing track. It doesnt make him any less of a performer than anyone else. Alot of famous singers use it all the time.

    It’s kinda pathetic that you say the kid has no talent when he just broke his leg on stage and continued performing the whole song perfectly. That’s what i call talent and dedication.

  • Anonymous

    awww.i feel so bad for him,thats pretty sad how he fell down and he still was there for all the song
    hes so cute
    luv him/hot <3

  • Anonymous

    omg, JUSTIN! i can’t believe he kept on going. I feel so sorry for him

  • Anonymous

    haha good

  • Anonymous

    Not to be mean, although I am not a fan of his music, I admire how he kept going after he broke his ankle.

  • Anonymous

    karmas a bitch
    horney little boys brake there feet.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!my friend just told me so i looked it up and she was right!


  • Holly

    I’m not really a fan, but he did a great job to carry on with a broken ankle. I have respect for him, and he is talented :)

  • Anonymous

    hahaah that sucksssssss

  • Juliana

    I’m a huge fan of Justin bieber and I cant believe he broke his foot and still continued singing and dancing.OMG

  • Anonymous

    you are amazing the way you kept going and rocked that stage!! no matter what you kept going. thats what a real star is like. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    lulz. FAIL.

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  • Anonymous

    not exactly a fail since he kept going

  • Anonymous

    I may not like him that much, don’t freak about it i just don’t seem to like him that much. But I do have to give him props for not like falling over in pain or limp off the stage when it happend. He actually continued the song. He just went up a bit in my book.

  • fat man


  • Anonymous

    Wow. From the way he was singing, you couldn’t even tell he was in pain at all, let alone that he’d just broken a bone! I broke my finger and couldn’t even talk, let alone sing. Good for you, Justin! :) Hope your foot feels better.

  • Anonymous

    i feel realy bad from hem

  • Anonymous

    i am so sorry and i hope you get beter

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • holly;)

    :( i cant belevet that :(
    he still did the video and i bet
    that he was in a lot
    of payen and feel so so so
    so so so :( bad i an so sory for you
    justin bieber:(



  • Check Cash Advance

    He’s so cute, I wish I could kiss him. Thanks for the picture. I love him!!!
    Check Cash Advance

  • reina

    what the freak u want to die or what?

  • Anonymous

    what the freak u want to die or what?

  • Anonymous

    omg were did he trip i didnt see him trip

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Justin,I am so sorry that happened to you. You are such a srtong person to keep on singing.Me and my sister are such big fans of your music!We will pray for u.I hope you get better.By the way my sis thinks you are cute!!!!I give all my hopes for you to get better.:)

  • mks2496

    I’m not a fan…but that is incredible how he kept going.

  • n.

    Not a real musician for singing with the track? Um, Miley sings with her CD. You can especially tell when she was on her BOBW Tour. It’s only because his voice isn’t big enough to fill out the stadium, so it helps with the sound. That’s what they do.

    And seriously, that’s MAJOR dedication, man. For him to KEEP GOING with a broken ankle. I give him serious props.

  • Alessia S



  • Anonymous


  • <3 iloveyou;

    aww.. i hope he gets better soon!



  • Anonymous

    Wat time did he fall>>> i didnt see it in the video


    wow, that mustve hurt like crazy, but he kept singing as if nothing was wrong. nice chops kid.


  • Anonymous

    cn any1 tell me whn did he fall???

  • Anonymous

    lol im supposted to be at school but im sick so i checked on this website poor justin

  • Anonymous

    omg i never new that he broke his ankle :( love ya justin <3

  • Heaven

    aww poor justin:( i feel so sorry for you :(:(:( I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER(l)(l):):):)

  • carol

    bueno se necesita mucho valor para hacer lo que el hizo pero estuto increible
    t love you justin

  • Anonymous

    He is so incredible. I’m not such a fan but he tripped and he BROKE his foot but he continued to sing and dance for his fans. That’s amazing, if you guys realize it–he’s putting fans before his own self. Haters need to stop. I never really liked him but when I heard the news, I was like,
    “Wow.” and instantly, I loved him.

  • Anonymous

    justin sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im pretty sure that he’s gay
    and he sounds like crap live
    ps he should have more
    calcium in his diet
    because that was a small
    stumble not a fall. it
    should not have broken
    his foot.

  • Anonymous

    Good job.

    Not a fan of him at ALL (seriously, I dislike him so much) but the fact that he could push through and finish the whole song took alot.

    Jonas Brothers would do the same thing.
    I love them. <3

  • deee

    dude that sucks. good for him though. most artists like stop in the song and leave, but he continued singing his single :)

  • CC

    He said he fell right at the start as he came down the ramp, which looks to be at 15 seconds, where he stumbles… the light flashes then goes dark so it’s difficult to see, but if you pay close attention, you can. Ouch. Good on him for continuing! Must’ve hurt!

    p.s. lol at having to solve a math question… if you get it wrong you’re either a ‘spam bot’… or just bad at maths : P

  • Anonymous

    i sat through that whole song just to see him fall.
    and it never happened.
    anywho, justin bieber sounds and looks like a freakin 9 year old.
    and hes not a gangster. so he needs to stop trying so hard.

  • Anonymous

    hope you feel better justin

  • dominicana

    hope you feel better jusstin!:]

  • YouBelongWithMe

    Tough guy

  • _herecomestrouble.

    Dedication right there.
    Broke his foot and STILL kept performing.
    You can tell he’s in SO much pain when he walks …errr, i mean limps, off the stage.
    He performed tonight too (well tonight in london) & i can’t wait to see videos of that.
    I wonder if he just did an acoustic show? Probably (:

  • Anonymous

    give ya props dude. when he runs out he trips. i feel wicked bad

  • Megan <3s Miley

    aw. im not a fan, but its great that he kept going…hes enjoying what hes doing=)

  • Anonymous

    Check out this site for new music/bands!!


    Justin will be performing with Allstar Weekend soon and they are on our site!

  • Anonymous

    i had no clue he fell then all i saw was him limping around i feel really bad 4 him i hope u get getter justin!!!!!!!!!justin<3