Zac Efron Me & Orson Welles PREMIERE


Zac Efron & Claire Danes at the ‘Me And Orson Welles’ premiere at Chelsea Cinemas in New York City. Zac reaveled that he steals outfits from the movie set at the end of filming. He really liked the plaid shirts he was given for his character in ‘Me & Orson Welles':

Zac said: ‘I think I stole some of the stuff. Always, on the last day, they try and get it out of your trailer really quick. Always steal some of your wardrobe. You never know what you’re going to need.’

On his fashion: ‘I notice people that look good. I notice fashion on other people. I enjoy when people try to look their best. I was always taught to try and look my best. That’s my main influence. I’m not looking to influence fashion any more than the next guy. But I try to do my best when I’m out representing my movies.’