Jordin Sparks Guy Sebastian Art Of LOVE

  • amyamyamyy

    WOOO i totally met him xD

  • Veronica

    Guy is huge in Australia. He’s never let up since Idol and is becoming well known in the US and around the world in a kind of ‘bubbling under’ way. US is more parochial (if that’s the right word) than somewhere like Australia where all music gets in. It’s easy for an artist from anywhere to get heard in Australia, but comparatively harder to get heard in the US if you’re not from there. And Guy has never made a really serious effort anyway, but will soon. Guy asked a few singers in Aust., didn’t work out, was thinking of leaving the track solo, but just on a hunch decided to send it to Jordin, who was the voice he had in mind anyway. A couple of days later the were in NY recording it.

  • Anonymous

    Guy’s released 5 albums since he won Aussie Idol back in 2003. He hasn’t disappeared anywhere he’s worked hard. *shrug*

  • Sini

    Jordin is amazing ?
    Such a sweet person :)
    And I looooooove this song & she looks so pretty in the video :)

  • artoflove

    wow this song is really good. i love jordin she looks beautiful (:

  • Stefanie-Australia

    Guy Sebastain is amazing!

  • mimi

    jordin is a great singer. she definately has huge talent on the voice department major pipes. love the song and the duet.

  • ssteef

    i looove her !
    shes the best !

  • mimi

    Miley and nick should do a duet with before the storm like this, miley and nick singing like them on the woods, and the storm coming in and running lol.

  • DemiMileySelenaFan

    Happy thanksgiving!!

  • Anonymous

    i love this song

  • Isidora!

    I like it a lot! The song is so cute! Ande they are a cute cupple too!
    I from Chile!! From SouthAmerica
    Take care!

  • April

    Ok people dont understand how big Guy Sebastian is in Australia. Hes like the Kelly Clarkson of Australia. Like every Australia knows who Guy is. All of his albums have made it into the Aria Top 10. He has 5 top 3 songs, 4 number #1s, three top 20s.. the list goes on. 10 platinum and 1 gold accreditation for albums…hes undoubtedly amazing. Even John Mayer worked on his new album. And throughout his career..he has been true to himself and humble. I agree Jordan has an amazing voice..but so does Guy.

  • Hayleeeey

    most people are talking about jordin. guy is freakin amazing. hes one of the FEW australian idols who released something and didnt give up because a few songs werent liked very much. hes tried and he deserves every bit of sucess he has. good on him. this song is really good :)

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  • Anonymous

    i don’t get the video, but i love the song.

  • Nicole

    I love it, I love it!!! The blend of vocals are just amazing!! I have always loved Jordin Sparks singing and now I am a fan of Guy Sebastian. I can hardly wait until the video and song is released in the United States! You go Miss Jordin Sparks!!

  • Meg

    What the ?

    “how the heck did guy sebastian get a song with jordin sparks? shes huge and i havent seen a thing of his since australian idol”

    Come on anonymous. Where have you been?????? Obviously living under a rock if you are Australian. As several others have mentioned what Guy has done since his first album I won’t bother to repeat it. But I will answer your question. How did he get Jordin Sparks? He sent her the song and she loved it. Straight away she agreed to sing with him. In her own words she describes him as “amazing”. It was only her sudden illness which prevented them singing it together on the Australian Idol final. And she was again in her own words “gutted” that she couldn’t make it. Now go gripe about someone else disappearing from the music scene after being on Australian Idol. I could think of quite a few off the top of my head without even trying very hard. Guy is certainly NOT one of them. 18 platinum and 3 gold accreditations say that instantly.

  • siomix

    jordin mexico te ama i love u so much by SHYOMARA

  • Anonymous

    how the heck did guy sebastian get a song with jordin sparks? shes huge and i havent seen a thing of his since australian idol

  • Anonymous

    she is really good! and she looks really pretty in this music video!

  • Anonymous

    greatt song

  • Anonymous

    FIRST :p

  • HyperMe

    Jordin is beautiful


    SECOND ,,,


  • ilovemusic

    Okay…I am really bored.

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  • Anonymous

    Me too lmao.

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  • Bre

    Jordin is so beautiful & Guy has a great voice!

    Steph you lucky dog you ;)

  • abc

    like her voice but hate her songs