Emma Leigh Russian Roulette RIHANNA

Cover of Rihanna‘s song ‘Russian Roulette’.

  • SamanthaKay

    She is amazinggggg

  • bitternmanor
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    i almost didnt watch this video
    but now im glad i did.
    this girls actually really good.
    i wanna know where she got her mic from..

  • sdgdfhfd

    wow she is pretty good!!!
    && very pretty!!

  • sdgdfhfd

    wow she is pretty good!!!
    && very pretty!!

  • Anonymous

    what do you guys think of this jacket?


    haha i need a jacket and i can’t find one and my mom won’t buy me a north face on! :\

  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    Wow she is amazing!

  • xLOVExME

    what do you guys think of this jacket?
    I like that one hahaha

  • Taylor

    she’s too dramatic


    Jonas Jonas Jon… said:

    Wow she is amazing!
    hahaha your dp just makes me laugh.


    She is A-M-A-Z-ING!! i love her voice. u did a gr8 job!!

  • Anonymous

    Are the Jonas brothers All comming back to the US or just Nick? Cause from his tweet he said I am heading back to US. So what’s is he just not including his brother because its his solo twitter?

  • Anonymous

    She was O.K. She didn’t go high enough on the higher notes though.

  • Anonymous

    VanexXxa is a slut and a liar!

    Dear Ted:
    Longtime reader (first time post) all the way from New Zealand—love your Bitch-Backs and Blind Vices! This question has been bugging me for a while now—you said not very long ago that there was trouble with the Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens’ relationship, and that she lied about something to do with the nude photo scandal. So I’m thinking…those photos weren’t sent to/meant for Zac, were they? But they covered it up for the good of the High School Musical promo? What else could she have lied about if not that? Love your work.
    —Kiwi Girl

    Dear Trouble With Young Love:
    Well, if you claim said pics were taken when you were a minor, then they legally have to be taken down from all websites, or else it’s child pornography. Even if, say, one was over the age of 18 when they were actually taken.


  • Anonymousssssss

    Hahaha Miley says “You’re gunna look like a dick” to Mitchel Musso.


    I love when she cusses.


  • Anonymousssssss


    WOAH! Noah dancing and singing Smack That hahahaha

  • Marie

    She’s a really good singer! Admit it haters, you’re jealous!

  • Anonymous

    Are they having a home coming for JB tonigh? I saw Shorty tweeted demi saying something about tonight and that she wished she could have been there with them, and another tweet from one of her friends telling Demi to have fun tonight and tell the boys congrats on wrapping and on a successfull tour. So idk.

  • iloveyouux

    I love that song!

  • Krissy Jonas!

    that was realllly good !

  • abc

    don’t know her, but she’s really good.


  • JonasxCyrus

    Not as good as rihanna but still reallt good.
    Love this song and the album:)

  • Anonymous

    You people need to stop hating on people unless she can sing, i bet ya’ll suck at singing so stop hating. :]
    You guys should like keep your hate mails to your
    well kbyee.

  • Miley #1 Supporter :)

    luv your dp :)
    she looks ahmazing

  • Anonymous

    way too freaking dramatic,but really good

  • w

    This girl can SING.
    That was better than Riri’s vocals.

  • Emmaxx

    She is gorgeous, and she sings very well. :)
    I love this song. Haha, her and I are name twins. ;D

  • XXEmmaXXLeighXX

    Awww THETRUTH I’m so glad you did then, thank you so much. The mic im not sure which make but i can find out- although I was singing live that mic wasnt turned on! The camcorder is a Sony HDR XR500 if that helps? Thanks again. Have originals on my youtube if u get 5 mins?Hugz. Emma.xXx

  • biggestjonasbrothers426

    who is she?? never heard of her but she is amazing and really pretty :D:D rock on sista…. wow that sounded weird

  • tina
  • XXEmmaXXLeighXX

    wow lovely comment! thank you. Hugz. Emma.xXx

  • Sara Perez

    pretty Voice!

  • Anonymous

    Her voice is sooo pretty and powerful.

  • KellyPaige

    You should put up Rossw3ll! They are from youtube and just covered Tik Tok and they edited the lyrics to say JONAS!!

    This girl is really good though!!!!

  • Anonymous

    shes really good, wouldnt suprise me if she becomes big one day!

  • zwdkykbqi

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  • jessestrong

    i liked it..

  • brianschaaf
  • jonascyruslovatolover

    i hate it when she says, ‘so just pull the trgger trigger trigger trigger.’ and does this weird dance with her head.

  • Anonymous

    and why the hell does selena have a record deal and this girl doesnt?

  • skyxo

    wow she is amazing…she sounds exactly like rhianna!!! And she is beautiful…what more can you get?

  • Chelsea-Rose

    She’s quite good :)

  • H is for Hadley :)

    who is this…

    shes ok but she cant hold her notes

  • maria

    wow she has alot of talent! she sings this better then rihanna!

  • Live.Love.Laugh

    WOwwww. Shes amazinng . :D

  • Anonymous

    her voice is absolutely amazing.
    i’d have to agree i don’t like the whole “trigger trigger trigger” part but that’s just part of the song. the worst part about this video was her attempting to perform with the mic. it just didn’t do it for me and she was moving her hands up and down on it fast towards the end.

    OVERALL VERY GOOD! much better then rhianna

  • Anonymous

    love it! she has a great voice! :)

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  • Anonymous

    WOW,amazing you are really good one day you should try out for american idol,you are kinda better than rhianna!

  • Stephen Muckle

    Absolutely amazing and she is a very beautiful girl. It is so rare to see someone sing as well as that. I’d even go as far as saying that was World Class. How you don’t have a record deal yet is beyond me and record labels should be using Youtube as a method of talent scouting. If they did and saw how good you are, you’d be signed up at the drop of a hat

  • biggestjonasbrothers426

    who is she?? never heard of her but she is amazing and really pretty :D:D rock on sista…. wow that sounded weird

  • Anonymous


  • XXEmmaXXLeighXX

    Hi, thank you to everyone thats left a lovely message, Im so pleased with the response its got. I dont think I was dramatic, I was just feeling the song – it was kinda late last night and the mic wasnt even on so i was singing without any effects, Id been in the studio for 6 hours recording originals and had been singing that day for about 8 hours, I did the cover as my camcorder at home clicks and the videos are blurry, no excuses cos Im happy how it turned out, maybe I could have done the song better,. i have without the camera and the long day. how my video made it here i dont know, but thanks! Much appreciated. Hugz. Emma.xXx

  • SkSccr3

    :) I emailed it in to oceaup this afternoon

  • thecomputer01

    it was a joke

  • XXEmmaXXLeighXX

    Hi, thanks! So glad you liked the video. Emma.xXx

  • xLOVExME

    thecomputernerd01 said:

    TEEHEE! = )
    I am a cute little lollipop
    STFU & GTFO!
    She is pretty and talented. People like you piss me off. Narcisisst idiots. Stop trying to start drama. -.-

  • iMayaaa

    Awesome voice.

  • Anonymous


  • JonasGirl007

    fallalalalalalala llammaassss

  • Anonymous

    BO.RING …

  • A.

    She’s good on the verses, but the chorus isn’t good.

  • drugo
  • vyswylo

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  • Anonymous

    She is very pretty and talented:) There are some notes she cant do, but it was really good:)

  • increase
  • Anonymous

    her voice is amazing !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    too much eyeliner, emma leigh. you’d be gorge if you toned it down!

  • Anonymous

    she didnt do some of the notes high enough and that’s what people look to see the notes cause a song is nothing without some awesome high notes !

  • CooKiieJ

    She’s pretty good. She’s pretty, too. :]

  • thecomputernerd01

    TEEHEE! = )
    I am a cute little lollipop

  • mirajayy

    shes really good :]