Savannah Outen O HOLY NIGHT

  • Jenniferx3

    nice voice :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh! The only thing that you can do is to criticize! And she did an amazing work! I bet that not even the half of you can do what she did!go to hell ! and im talking as a person who likes music, not as a fan! You know what? Im sick of this

  • Anonymous

    And fame is not the only thing in the life that we need to sing well! bye my stupid friends
    im the one who wrote above

  • Kristen827

    she’s so amazing at singing especially live in concert and she’s sooo nice. I actually became friends with her and everything on myspace :)
    i love her hair too!!

    btw she doesnt think shes huge but she still is kinda famous i mean when you have 2 million views on each of your videos on youtube youre kinda famous. and she’s even having an album come out so stfu jealous bitchezzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    im sorry i just got out of control but everything i said is so true, is just just i want to be respected !

  • Anonymous

    Savannah…DESPERATE MUCH?

    Give it up. After all your self promoting don’t you think someone would have snatched you up if you had any talent?

  • Alice

    So COOL !!

  • Anonymous

    my thoughts.(:

  • sara12

    Hahahahhahahhaa is this a joke?!?!?!

    what kind of accent does she have? LOL its hysterical & off key!

  • sara12

    nice post oceanup, nicee post lol just keeps getting worse & worse

  • alym

    i dont know why shes getting a contract and whatever… there are other people who can sing way better than her

  • alym

    i dont know why shes getting a contract and whatever… there are other people who can sing way better than her

  • alym

    i dont know why shes getting a contract and whatever… there are other people who can sing way better than her

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    i thought this song suited her voice well and it was very controlled =] good job sav!

  • SelGomezRockz

    I Like The Original Version Better Though !!
    I Love Her Voice and all but it was ok i guess

  • meeeeeeeeee.

    yeah.. not good.
    i used to love her, but her voice is terrible in this.

  • mileyscuz

    umm who is she and why is she on oceanup?

  • Anonymous

    Man some of you guys are just jealous. I mean really ,make some room for some of the normal kids who want to make something of their life. You guys think that just because Demi and Selena have a contract there better than any other kids who dont have a recording contract out there. There is many kids who have a voice just as good as those edited so called VOCALIST. Thank You Ocean Up for giving non famous children a chance! God Bless

  • maria101

    your awsome

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s funny you are all saying Savannah isn’t famous. She scored a #1 on Radio Disney, another successful 2nd single on Radio Disney, a management deal, and millions of views on YouTube. Plus, she’s been on tour all over the country! What makes someone famous if that doesn’t? Famous or not, this girl has a lot to be proud of!

  • Anonymous
    GO TO

  • Lucy

    First Comment! Yay! i think that this version is bad. I like the original version better.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    I dont like this version of the song.
    Original is way better =)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t want to be mean or anything but she completely butchered the song in my opinion. It’s just that after hearing other amazing versions by like Kelly Clarkson and Celine Dion this version sounds not as good.

    Don’t get me wrong tho. I love Savannah but i think this could’ve been better.

  • allison

    i looovveee her hair

  • TRU

    I never listened to any of her videos singing because I don’t know her but she can really sing…

  • SelGomezRockz

    Really WASNT good at all…
    Srry Im A Big Fan Of Megan And Liz

  • jesssslovesjonas

    i CANT STAND her,seriously. she thinks shes famous? sorry sweetie but no