Ashley Tisdale Scott Speer Paty’s Perfect


Tisdale & BF Scott lunching at Paty’s in Toluca Lake on Friday. Limelight.

  • Anonymous

    Scott is around 6 feet. Ashley is the one who’s short. Ashley’s only 5’1.

  • lalalalea

    I don’t think he’s ugly.
    But tall :D

  • Anonymous

    ashley’s short. you can tell by the pic.

  • Anonymous

    that design on his t-shirt.. hahah coolyooooooo


    i love the tis!<3

  • Anonymous

    Woah major height difference.

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  • Anonymous

    is he tale or is she short? lol

  • Anonymous

    you mean tall lol i think he’s tall!

  • catherine


  • Dumm Blonnd

    Dude’s tall. o.o

  • hes got my heart tied in a knot and my stomach in a whirl

    Holy Crap.
    He’s really tall.

  • HopeFaithLove

    Whoa, he’s really tall.

  • increasetehhPEACE

    omg scott’s really tall :O

  • abc

    I think he’s just tall and she short

  • likewhoaaax

    Holyyy. He’s tall. Or Ashley’s just wayy to short.
    Either way I lovee herrr(:

  • Lmfaoo<3

    shortieeeeee lol

  • Anonymous

    either ashley is really short or he’s just really tall.

  • Anonymous

    he’s so tall, but they are happy together and that’s all the matters. &he is NOT ugly. love ya ashley!

  • Anonymous

    ashley tisdale sucks.
    like seriously. sucks like shit.
    she cant sing or act.
    and they are possibly the worst couple ever.
    stop posting about them, please.

  • SonniMonroe

    Holy crap she’s so short compared to him.

  • Anonymous

    and the rip in his pants.
    ahaa he probably cut that himself
    shitest couple ever.

  • Anonymous

    She’s like 5 foot 3

  • dee

    they are like Heidi and Spencer

  • Anonymous

    Liam and Him can play Basketball together

  • Anonymous

    i miss her old boyfriend. scotts ugly

  • actresstess

    He’s so tall!!
    But they’re really cute together, and they seem happy :)
    If only those stupid paparazzis wouldn’t follow them around!!

  • Natalie

    You do know that, they tell the paparazzi where they are right?
    I mean its Ashley Tisdale who cares?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    damnn hess tallll ! orr shess just short ….. idk .

  • xoxorachelleigh


  • Anonymous

    ok wow he is ridiculously tall haha

  • LoveLautner

    WOW he is TALL.

  • LoveLautner



    haha. Exactly.

  • Delsy

    Love them together. But he makes Ashley look tiny.