Kelly Blatz CAPRA, LOW DAY New Song

Kelly Blatz of Disney XD singing a song with his band Capra.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The guy in the middle is Hott; Nuff said. [:

  • kaygirl jbbb

    heres the HD with pictures of him & his band + lyrics:

  • cash advnac

    that is a way good video thanks for sharing that with me i will be using that soon

  • anonymous…


    but do they have othersongs on youtube, cant find any

  • anonymous

    hes not that bad.
    i thought he would be another star who tries to sing.
    He should be heard and known not like the Disney big hit tv stars.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m so bummed that CAPRA sold their souls and signed with Disney. Just cause Kelly does a show on there doesn’t mean you need to sign with the mouse, guys! Now all the teenies who think Kelly’s “sexi” are gonna be swarming everywhere. :(

  • Anonymous

    why is Kelly Blatz the ONLY cute one in this band??

  • Lola

    I mean this song is good. I hate when people say “A band has sold their souls.” Bands WANT to get noticed so a record label can sign them.

  • Anonymous

    what is song supposed to mean- dont get me wrong i love it~ catchy tune and all but really what are the lyrics supposed to mean and btw this son would make my ipod’s 10 ten list right under hey monday, cold play, radiohead, muse, and mutemath and paramore.

  • Vanessa9248

    ahh man, i love it, when i found out he could sing i was blown away :)

  • Anonymous

    They don’t know how to sing! Very horrible4eva!

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  • xLOVExME

    They sound NOTHING like that picture gives them off to sound. I thought they were gonna be some “trying to hard to be hardcore” band xD
    I was wrong. They’re REALLY good

    &Kelly’s hot.

  • Anonymous

    I love this song =)

  • mwahhaha(:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahah I heard this song like a month agoo………
    It came on TV and I was like: He sings too?!?!!
    But i liked it – Not my style – But I liked it. :D

  • Anonymous

    He sounds Ok. . .

  • anonymous123

    i love this song, i want to hear more capra songs!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s my favorite song! When the TV was on and I was on my laptop typing my best bud an email it comes on TV and I stop typing and stare at the TV and listen to it and actually enjoy the song. I listen to it every day on youtube. I mean who doesn’t love this song? (Idiots do not like this song) LOL! :D

  • Anonymous

    its really better than i thought it would be.

  • Anonymous

    ok i agree with you on everything besides the last part .. i absolutely adore capra even though this song wouldnt make my ipod just coz its not my type. everyone has an opinion dude, and this is mine.

  • Victoria_x

    He sounds good.
    He’d better if he weren’t with Disney.

  • Anonymous

    it actually sounds good.

  • snowstars

    The guy in the middle is pretty.

  • iLoveJonas4Ever!

    This really isn’t a “new” song. Kelly is a pretty good singer. I love this song.

  • :O

    it’s catchy.
    i like it.

  • RayaSunshine

    wow. i’m completely surprised at how great this actually sounds with the almost hot hot heat like melody and innovative sound. something you don’t really expect to have been produced by a member of Disney

  • Anonymous

    this is honestly the best disney related song i’ve ever heard.
    i’d put this on my ipod anyday.
    i hope they get more recognized, they deserve more fans for their hardwork.

  • actresstess

    I like this :)
    I mean, it’s not my kind of song, really, but he can sing :)

  • Anonymous

    The Guy with the red Jacket is Michael Johnson the Drummer from the old Band “Natural” :]

  • ellen luvs jonas and bieber

    oh goodie another disney pereson trying to sing is just what we neeed.

  • Vanessa9248

    way to not give it a chance, and if you check the facts, he was in this band way before disney.

  • Anonymous

    seriously? look who’s talking, the person with the justin bieber display picture.

    P.S this song’s been out for about 2 weeks or more now