Victoria Justice, ‘I’m Not Nina Dobrev!’

  • Anonymous

    fifth and who is she
    where do you live?
    Disney-Town or something? o.O

  • actresstess

    I think that theyre both really pretty :)
    They do look a bit alike, but you can see that theyre totally different people :)

  • Anonymous

    when i first saw nina on degrassi i thought she looked like her. at first i thought she looked really familiar, like i knew her from something else, but then i realized that she looks a lot like victoria. haha.

  • Lina

    I love her. I always thought she was an amazing actress.

    Both are pretty, but I think Victoria is way prettier.

  • Anonymous

    They look so much alike But I <3 victoria and nina

  • Anonymous

    Haha I like her but Yeah Nina Dobrev is way prettier! They are both really cool!

    haha …and Vampire Diaries FTW!

  • Justinfan

    Victoria and Nina r both kool =]

  • Nina

    victoria is cool but she is never gonna be the big nick star it will always be miranda cosgrove who is soooo much BETTER, and PRETTIER. I don’t have a thing against victoria but miranda will always be the big thing in nickelodeon!!!!!!!!

  • Nina

    victoria will never and doesn’t have a chance to take over miranda’s position just my opinion!

  • LoveLautner

    10th! =)

  • Anonymous

    I remember when i first saw Nina i thought she looked like Victoria xD

  • BirthdayCake

    I’m not a fan but I can’t deny that she is pretty.

  • Anonymous

    they look so much alike!

  • oh yeah well your face

    i love Victoria, but i don’t think she looks like Nina at all…. maybe it’s just me.

    besides i like Victoria better, Nina just annoys me. Didn’t like her on Degrassi, don’ t like her on Vampire Diaries. :/

  • unnkowen

    i still think nina is way prettier..but whatev. Vampire Diaries is the BEST show EVER=)<3

  • egerger


  • devilgrins

    fifth and who is she

  • actresstess

    she was on Zoey 101 :)
    and in spectacular.
    and she’s gonna be the star of a new Nickelodeon show, named sorta after her, Victorious :)

  • Anonymous

    i am first.

  • PaaperPlanes

    She’s beautiful.