David Henrie & Jake T. Whole Grain Magic

  • souzi

    am i the only one who would LOVE it the jb and justin would become close friends..then this whole..”ohh justin is gonna be more famous that jb” and crap wouls stop and all te fans would get along..HA in my dreamz!!!!1

  • wish

    lol so obvious they’re reading it, spesh david haha.

  • Jenny M.Butler

    David did not make the show but hes not the only one Selena makes th show too DON’T forget her she is so asome kid to.Selena Marie Gomez that was her whole name. And when she was born was July 22,1992 and she is 17 years old, Grand Prairie,Texas she pop,Dance,Rock,and she Atternative.

    She is Actress,Singer,and songwriter.She works with Demi Lovato and Drew Seeley.Demi lovato was freinds with Selena when there were 7 years old. Thats wuy I likes those guys .

  • jack

    hi my name is Jack and his

  • JBDeepInMyHeart

    hahhahah wtf?! :’) I love how the category is Jonas Brothers :P You could see so clearly that they were reading from a screne and they weren’t prepared cause David started laughing when Jake said the joy of eating hahah :’)

  • prettyAnonymous

    woww it was really obvious they were reading everything…

  • Anonymous

    I thought they were funny and cute!
    I love david h. He is the best one on wowp.
    Selena is great too but david makes the show

  • Anonymous

    if justin’s ugly miley’s not less ugly so they’d make an alright ugg couple.

  • Anonymous

    wow their career is on the fast track? must really suck to know your on a show that is only known for selena and your just background for her show hahaha

  • ash

    david henrie!!

  • Anonymous

    you wish wowp is selena’s show david is just a fag

  • Anonymous

    wow they fail just for trying so fucking hard to be funny

  • Jenny M. Butler

    I think David is so sexy but he was born at Los Angeles,Californa,USA and his date birth is July 11,1989 and his 20 now.If you don’t belive me than mynece 2009-1989=20 do the math.

  • Anonymous

    i love david

  • Anonymous

    why is it under the category jonas brothers ??? LOL

  • Anonymous

    idk why stupid girls like justin bieber he looks fugly he is just 15 and he is acting all ghetto ??!! what the helll !? ___ C’mon Justin step it up a notch! Call Miley now. Hey Miley what up girl? Forget that Nick Jonas dude! You’re my one girl! ;)

  • 1twilightfan

    OMG!!! Justin asked Demi out?!!!! I don’t think they should date. Besdies i like Justin Bieber but I dont think its Demi’s type. Joe should date Demi. They make a cute couple. Justin is kinda not cute. I like his songs but he is not really hot. He looks like a kid to me.

  • 1twilightfan

    Justin an Miley??!!!! EWWWW!!! Justin is so hidius.My BFF says he could look cut without the nose. She doesnt like him. Justin thinks he is so cute and hot. Oh please he is just 15 and he looks like an 11 year old. GET A GRIP. I dont like him. I think he has a nice voice, but not a nice face.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think David and Demi do not look like a couple no afence Demi and David I think Demi should go out with Joe Jonas.And I think David should go out with Emily Osment i think it be asome for them.By away David Herie is so sex and hot .

  • Anonymous

    Published Tuesday, December 1, 2009 10:15 AM ET
    Did Justin Bieber ask Demi Lovato out on Twitter?

    Is there a new couple on the horizon? Demi Lovato wrote on her Twitter yesterday that she is obsessed with Justin Bieber’s new album, My World. In response, the Biebs tweeted, “thank u. maybe 1 of these days we will meet. what is your fav song?” But here’s the thing — Demi already met Justin, which she reminded him and posted a TwitPic:

    So being the slick guy that he is, Justin wrote to Demi, “@ddlovato lol. got me. well then we should chill maybe grab a movie ;) what is your favorite song anyway?”

    Hmm — sounds like he asked her out on a date, if you, well, ask us! ;-)

    Do you think Justin and Demi should date? Did he ask her out for real or just as friends?

  • jake

    may name is the:jake whath four´s name

  • Real on Real


  • haha

    first , wow david ;) ! and this is boring

  • u suck oceanUP


  • Anonymous

    Hannah Montana wins the BAFTA Kids’ Vote —— GO MILEY!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • IS

    More like whole grain tragic. this is boring

  • Anonymous


    Did Justin Bieber ask Demi Lovato out on Twitter? http://bit.ly/78r5mI
    7 minutes ago from bit.ly
    lol — decisions decisions.. Joe Jonas or Justin Fetus??

  • Anonymous

    idk why stupid girls like justin bieber he looks fugly he is just 15 and he is acting all ghetto ??!! what the helll !?