Disney Channel New Year Star Showdown

Tiffany Thornton talking about it under.

  • Anonimous

    Miley is the biggest star of disney and is not there. Jonas bro. stinks. Did u see their show? So not good actors. selena and demi are like same. 2nd.

  • vaa

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  • Anonymous

    disneys two biggest girls arent there and neither their biggest guys. lame

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    that’s annoying.
    Only thing my parents do is watch news! -.-

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    that’s annoying.
    Only thing my parents do is watch news! -.-

  • Anonymous

    Um where are Disneys biggest starts at? Miley, Jonas Borother, Demi…? And its not exactly recorded on New Years they prerecord a few days earlier.

  • Sonny

    Looks fun! :)

  • Anonymous

    Lol Demi is a big star????

  • Anonymous

    DEmi is not even Big yet…

    Even pereZ is more famous

  • Anonymous

    the biggest disney starts aret there (and selean not one of them)

  • JBDeepInMyHeart

    Joooonaas Broootheeers :””'(
    But is this like counting down to the new year? I couldn’t hear, my mom was like ‘uh, I’m kiiinda watching the news here!’ so yeah, is that what it is? Cause if so then I think Kevin, Joe and Nick would rather spend it with their family :)

  • Anonymous

    demi might not be as famous as miley and jb, but shes getting more and more famous everyday. and watch shes gonna blow up next year

  • Anonymous

    WIZARDS WON A FRICKEN EMMY.. did hannah or sonny? She’s won more tca’s than demi.
    has an album, won an alma award. Is the youngest and only disney star in unicef. and wayy more things! Just because you guys like demi and miley better your lie ing bout Selena not being big?

  • Anonymous

    Without Disneys biggest Star
    Um, Selena’s there. and she’s like the 2nd Disney’s biggest female star.

  • AnonymousNie

    Without Disneys biggest Star

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  • lcamilla

    2nd =]

  • Lety

    demi and miley are not there =/


    anyone know if the jonas brothers are doing this? :)

  • Anonymous

    and off course Disney only brings it in the USA :/

  • Evebodi ets fudge

    yeah tiffany is every where its so freeky

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    Is Disney trying to make Tiffany the next big thing?
    It seems like she’s all of sudden everywhere! :0

  • lalalalea

    and the Jonas Brothers? :o

  • Anonymous101

    and what about the jonas brothers?