Mark Indelicato THE LOVELY BONES


Ugly Betty star Mark Indelicato attended ‘The Lovely Bones’ New York Premiere @ the Paris Theatre, 4 West 58th Street on Dec. 2. PR Photos. Wasn’t AJ Michalka really excited to be in this movie..?! She hasn’t been to any of the premieres..

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  • you dont need to know

    aj is in the movie she plays clarrisa

    she will be going to the l.a. premiere on dec 7 more than likey

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  • Anonymous

    NO offence but he looks….GAY

  • shay

    haha me and him used to talk on twitter all the time but he deleted it last month

  • you dont need to know

    she isnt a has been not even close

    they are still going its just taking time a new CD is coming out next year

  • Anonymous

    She barely has a role if they go by how the book has it. So why does it matter? She is a has been/ never was. I am excited about the movie though :).

  • Anonymous

    He wasn’t in that movie, was he?

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t think he was in that movie

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  • Anonymous

    AJ Michalka isn’t even in this movie. The girl who plays her sister is the one from Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-off. Learn the facts, OceanUP.

  • Anonymous

    AJ Michalka isn’t even in this movie. The girl who plays her sister is the one from Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-off. Learn the facts, OceanUP.
    sweetie get your facts straight they didn’t say she played the sister.

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  • oceanUP

    Thanks! :]

  • Anonymous

    She’ll probably go to the LA premiere…I don’t think she wants to be travelling to every place to go to the premiere…btw…she’s only in like 10min of the movie!

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  • Marshmallow(:

    Ahhh (:
    I love this book SOO much x3
    I’m so glad it’s turning into a movie! 8D
    I don’t know who this kid is but hey, when i read the book again, at least i’ll picture him as one of the characters in the book. xD
    Thanks for posting! C:

  • FrozenPenguin

    Woww i really wanted to know about that…

  • Anonymous

    AJ’s been shooting her own movie and just finish so shes probs chilling at home. But I’m pretty sure she’ll be at the LA premiere :) love her and Aly such amazing girls! <3

  • mileyluver15

    who is this….

  • Anonymous

    He’s Betty’s sister’s son from the show Ugly Betty. :]

  • Sonny

    I’m not judging, but he looks gay…

  • Anonymous

    I live in New zealand, and it has already come out, and she isn’t in it.

  • Weooow

    Holy crud stick! :) I loved this book and I really can’t wait for the movie to hurry up and come out here in aust’ !! :)