MTV documents the challenges of young mothers in ‘Teen Mom’ premiering Tuesday, Dec. 8 @ 10 PM ET/PT. The series catches up with four girls: Maci, Amber, Catelynn and Farrah, from the cast of the first season of 16 And Pregnant to give viewers a deeper look at the lives of teenage parents. These new parents must learn how to balance adult responsibilities while trying to hold on to a semblance of teenage life.

  • C…

    lol u guys r so stupid saying that they said “we believe in abstinence” and then saying “ur daughter has a baby” blah blah blah SHE MEANT TO SAY THAT SINCE THE BIRTH OF SOFIA NOW THEY BELIEVE IN ABSTINENCE…u guys r idiots….anyways wat she said (Farrah’s mom)was rlly rude she was like we dont want anymore sofias’ poor babyyy!!!!

  • Wendy

    LOL, how funny.. we (south america, Peru xD!)already got the 2 episodes first haha xD!, all I gotta say is that it shows a social problem from nowadays, so is cool to watch it. I watched it with my mom =]

  • Anonymous

    This premiered in peru like 2 weeks ago..

  • ;]

    please please vote for my puppy Gotham<3
    we really want him to win!


    thank you so muchhh!(:

  • veeroh

    funny we believe in abstinence yet her daughter has a child lol i like this show though it shows pep what unprotected sex leads to def what girls now in days need to see

  • Anonymous

    that guy is pretty good lookin

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry but i think her mother is way to much up in her personal life , all she’s doing is pushing the guys she meets away..lol And for her sister , i think she is so jelius that she has a baby she has no idea how hard it is ,going to school, working, then staying up all night with the baby. what does she do sit on the coach and make fun of farha..lol

  • Anonymous

    If Miley wasn’t famous she’d so be on this show.

  • Sonny

    This is really weird. I don’t understand why people would like their personal lives to be all over TV. I believe in abstinence, but that they looked like he was about to say some stuff against it. :P

  • DemiMileyx3

    We belive in abstinence we are religious blah blah blah Your daughter is fucking pregnant, you fail

  • Anonymous

    Uhm,correction. HAS A BABY! xD

  • roflkayla

    this is way offensive. it wasn’t her mother’s fault that her kid got pregnant. maybe if that teen was smart and used protection instead of thinking getting pregnant “could never happen to her”, she wouldn’t be in the situation that she’s in. it’s her own damn fault, not her mother’s. she’s old enough to make her own choices and have sex, then she’s old enough to face the consequences.

  • Anonymous

    wow this is weird anyway

    poll:pepsei or coke

  • Anonymous

    Anyone think the mom looks like Lindsay Lohan’s mom? I don’t know why, but she reminds me of her.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO mtv has ridiculous shows, that mom is ridiculous. “we believe in abstinence” your child has a baby… sorry woman. the kids hot as hell though.

  • Anonymous

    i already watched this. Im from chile and i have to say this tv show its really …fun. The mrs there is kinda crazy.

    here in south america we have seen 2 episodes (?

  • Anonymous

    i love this show!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agreed, we cannot keep blaming others for our own mistakes.She was old enough to know right from wrong ,i hope she has learn from her mistake.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha. well that wasn’t awkward at all…