Very Happy 15th Birthday Jake T. Austin!


Jake T. Austin turns 15 today [Dec. 3, 2009].

  • Anonymous765

    Jake .. no te hagas el loco vos… por que igual te doy!

  • Anonymous

    i can’t believe he’s older than me :l
    i always still think of him as the little kid
    on the first series of WOWP

  • Kelsey!

    Happy BIRTHDAY Jake!


    he’s 1 year and 15 days older then me:) wooooooo I’m chasing after this guy.. lol

  • an.illusion.

    I love him.
    He’s the one that makes me laugh the most in Wizards of Waverly Place.

    Happy Birthday, Jake!

  • Nicksupport
  • Anonymous

    Happy Bday dude (:

  • lalalalea

    Happy Birthday!(:

  • Anonymous

    Ayo Anonymous765 shuuuut the fuckk up!! Get outtta here Jake dont want you! He already has someone to give him what he wants!(;

  • Leena

    lol the picture.
    happy birthday =]

  • Stephanie176

    happy birthday! hes only 13 days older than me!!!!!!!!!! yay
    and today is my parents 20th anniversary as well lol

  • twihard#1

    happy b-day
    ur sorta hot!!
    i like you frozen pienguin.
    i luv kristiene stuart.
    do u wanna be friends

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Jake<3

  • Anonymous

    he seems to have 12 years

  • Anonymous

    Oh hellll nooo
    i know these girls arent talking crap about my baby boyy!

    happy birthday jake!

    hurry and turn 18 alrady ;)

  • Rich Port

    haha oh my i thought he was older :)

  • FrozenPenguin

    thanks twihard#1!

  • Jcougs

    hahah yess hes already taken…by me ;)

    omg we totally forgot….according to jake himself hes 16.
    maybe oceanup wil love me again if i sent them those pics….NAWT


  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Happy Birthday, Jake! :)


    I can’t believe he is just now turning 15, dang he’s so young!

  • Veselka

    Happy 15th Birthday Jake T. Austin.

  • Sonny

    I though he was 15, haha. Happy Birthday to him either way. :)

  • Anonymous

    stephanie176 your names stephanie too! we have the same birthday….scary but cool!

  • whaddafuxk

    how is he older then me!??!?!!
    fuck, i’ll be 15 this march :|

  • BiebersCoug

    Hahahaha ohhhh i bet OceanUP would totally love those pictures that he sent you…Abercrombie Model(;
    Or maybe they’d even like to knoww the things that boy says,you wouldnt believe hes a Disney Kid(;


  • Anonymous

    Sorrry girls,but this litttle boy is taken already. Hahaha aint tha right Jcoug?

    Happpy “16th” birthday baby cub!! see one more year and youdont have to lie about your age!

    I lovee youu JCoug<3

  • Delsy

    Happy Birthday Jake i really like him on Wizards.

  • anna

    he is SO FINE!

  • brenda


  • Anonymous

    Whoa he’s only 15/16? I thought he was younger! And haha he has the same birthday as my brother.

  • eeeeeeellllllleeeeeeee

    first! :) first!

  • renee

    who cares hes kinda hot though

  • val

    he doesnt seem like 15…

  • ellleee

    happy birtday! :) <3

  • ellleee

    happy birtday! :) <3

  • Anonymous

    he still looks like a lesbian

  • Anonymous

    who cares who is he

  • renee

    but happy birthday

  • FrozenPenguin

    I love Jake! Happy Birthday!

  • martina

    jake i love you´re the best.i´ll never stop loving..


  • Anonymous

    Um it’s his 16th birthday….stupid oceanup.

  • AnnieRawrs.x

    Anonymous said:

    Um it’s his 16th birthday….stupid oceanup.

    lol wut?

  • raeshaun

    happy birthday cuity

  • lolly

    HAPPY Birthday Jake!!!!!!!!!
    Yay we are finally the same age!!! Whoot
    I hope you had an awesome day today and will enjoy the rest of your life. I love you!!!