Do YOU prefer Chelsea‘s hair shorter or longer?

  • jbluver86

    i think it looks better

  • Anonymous

    pretty. But shes so skinny1

  • cheskasg

    i love hairr

  • alee…!!!!

    luv it its totally coool <3<3<3<3 just luv it nothing else i can say

  • alee…!!!!

    luv it its totally coool <3<3<3<3 just luv it nothing else i can say

  • dasffds

    def short hair!!! fits her face much better but she was good with longer hair too

  • DinoGirl

    Looks much better than that stringy weave she used to wear.
    I’m just not a fan of most hair extensions.

    Love it. :]

  • Kirstenyeah

    I like it!

  • Lelee Suritaa *-*

    Nossa galeraa!! Com certeza cumpridoo, tudo bem que ela é lindaa com os dois mas… COMPRIDOO!!

  • Anonymous

    Both of them
    but short she looks more continental!

  • Andrea

    She looked really gorgeous in this haircut :D ! <3

  • mileyluver15

    eww she looks like a mom deff the long hair its sooo her!! and shes just copying selena gomez

  • Taylena

    I actually liked her better with long,curly hair.
    But,she looks cute with a bob too.
    So ;d

  • Kristen827

    ewww she looks disgusting.
    i hate when girls have short hair it’s not good looking at all.
    she was so pretty before too :(

  • LOL xD :P

    You know, Selena isn’t the 1st one to have this kind of hairstyle. And Chelsea looks fabulous with short AND long. (:

  • demicius

    noooooooooooooo , I love her , don’t matter, but I miss the long hair ;/

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Wow, my name is Chelsea, and I just got my hair cut into a bob too. Haha, weird.

  • Joanna

    She’s is always gorgeous. so either way is great with me.

  • rockersunshine

    she looks amazing!

  • kim


  • Brittnee

    I Love Chelsea. I really think She is pretty with both hair styles. She is so pretty and she is rocking the hair. You Rock Chelsea.

  • [p[[


  • kelseyyyy

    i love her with short hair,
    it fits her so well!


    HUGE improvement.

  • ClaireBear

    She’s gorgeous either way. But she needs to gain weight.

  • Anonymous

    i likeedd it better longerr….and omgg shee lookss like kellie pickler when kellie had short blonde hairr

  • Anonymous

    Not a bob.

    That’s what we call an A-Line.

    And Chels looks great!

  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    I like it better longer

  • hugejonasfan1


  • Anonymous

    she’s beautiful either way. chelsea is the sweetest girl ever


    LONG HAIR!!!!!! Omg, this is just…. too much LMFAO x) But I LOVE her!! <3

  • Jonas BrosFan

    She looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better with shorter hair!! :)

  • Anonymous

    looove it!
    she looks 20 times better:)
    not that she wasn’t gorgoues before;)

  • viena

    i like it better long

  • Anonymous

    she looks nice with short or long hair it does not make a difference.

  • Anonymous

    very cute!

  • Anonymous

    Stunning. Love it :]

  • Jennifer

    She looks nice both ways!

  • ness

    anyway she is ridiculus

  • Anonymous

    loved her long hair, but this is really cute too

  • Anonymous

    she has the weirdest chin/smile ever…

  • Anonymous

    She looks great with both i think the long hair cut makes her look younger and the short hair cut makes her look more mature and thinner.

  • Anonymous

    I love her hair now and i loved it before! She looks AMAZING with both!

  • Anonymous

    wow, she looks sooo gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    wow, she looks sooo gorgeous.

  • sarabear09

    i love her hair!

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    I honestly think she looks better with longer.
    And I’m not trying to start anything, but Selena looked WAY better!

  • Anonymous

    love this cut!

  • Jb luv

    I like her with this hair! y look like hannah montanna or britney i mean its been done befroe and long hair is just ewww like why would you like long hair eww seriously. But any ways i like her hair it looks nice!

  • Anonymous


  • Cris

    she looks fantastic! it`s ok if she wants her hair that way, it`s her decision! YOU ROCK CHELSEA STAUB!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like kellie pickler!!!

  • Lisa

    love the short hair :)

  • Nina

    shez not copying off selena. Selenaz is kinda like one length and chelseaz iz short in da back and longer in da back. It doesn’t even matter cause selena keepz getting weave in her hair I think chalsea iz gonna keep it like dat. And pluz she can rock the bob way better than selena can! :)

  • Sonny

    Nooo, I loved her with long hair! :(

  • Nina

    btw I meant longer in da front

  • BirthdayCake

    She looks so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    she copied selena

  • oxcassie

    i think she looks good like this!
    it makes her look older

  • Veronica

    copying selena gomez? make me laugh haha
    i loved the new hair.

  • ponygang80

    she look fantastic her hair cut look like rihanna’s old hair cut u no in 2007 not sure if she did da other part short and da other part is long u no those ppl had an awesome style.i love u chelsea xoxo

  • aubreezybby

    i like her hair And she is pretty butt it it me or is he arm like suppppppper skinny????

  • xvanillaxdemix

    first! shorter ;)

  • rippley hollywood power

    well in real life woth no make up she has an ugly wart and its no lie that if you hav one ur ugly:) sucs for her and her ugly hair mwahahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    she looks good with BOTH. Chelsea’s a pretty girl.

  • Anonymous928

    She looks good either way. She definitely looks older with it cut short like this.

  • Anonymous

    i prefer her iphone.

  • Rikke

    jeg kan bedst lide det når det er langt, men hun er da stadig pæn :D

  • YouBelongWithMe

    Kate Gosselin FTW

  • Anonymous

    YouBelongWithMe said:

    Kate Gosselin FTW

  • Anonymous

    shorter she looks more older

  • 1234

    Hey you fool! Chelsea! You stole my hair! Way to go now I have to change mine :). I really like that cut on her actually. But she always is really pretty so she could have a green afro and still pull it off

  • Delsy

    She looks so much better She is beautiful.

  • hate haters lovers for hate haters

    Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  • sunShine

    i think she looks good either way but she does look a lot older with her hair like it is now :)

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  • Anonymous

    aw, I LOVED her long hair. :(

  • #1 Chelsea fan

    I luv it short!!!!!!!!!!!!!