Tan and blond Ashley Tisdale walking her dogs with daddy in Toluca Lake
& going to Coffee Bean with a hat hiding her face this week. Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    orange girl is on the loose again. could someone please tell her how terrible she looks with orange skin. fake hair, fake nose, fake tan. is that why she looks so miserable?


    Forgiveness is the remission of sins. For it is by this that what has been lost, and was found, is saved from being lost again.
    Saint Augustine

  • mileyluver15


  • shiringomez

    she looks sad:( aww. i like her brown hair better.
    Goldengal11 you should check out

  • Katie

    Looking good ! Although the tan looks like you`ve spent a week in a tub of oranges.

  • Anonymous

    Where did she get her boots from? they’re soo cute =D

  • Anonymous
  • Anonamas

    She always looks so sad :(

  • kittykat12

    cute dog :wink:

  • Anonymous

    id look like this after always having the paparazzi up my ass! :( poor thang. LOVE ashley, true talent, one of the real talents on disney. and very pretty, dresses classsy. not like damn miley slutty cyrus. but there is a age diff. ashleys like 22 or something, mileys still an immuture nieve teen. tho i dressed better than miley at 16. team ashley

  • Anonymous

    comon oceanup shes irrelevant

  • Richard

    Agreed, she’s walking her dog yet she always looks like her
    dog just died!!! Cheer up there Tis, things aren’t that bad.

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  • Anonymous

    where did she get her dog harness thats on maui from? its really cute!

  • Anonymous

    Looking a little orange there girlfriend, may want to lay off the spray tan.

  • Noa

    I still think that Brown Hair looks better on her

  • Goldengal11

    OMG! Her outfit is SOOO cute! I’m stealing this outfit idea.

  • Goldengal11

    I wonder where she got the shirt from?

  • cheskasg

    i love her style,she is cool :)

  • Goldengal11

    Wait, is that her new dog? I forgot the name.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx


    Do you mean her other dog Maui??
    I think she’s had Maui over a year now.. lol.
    I think it’s nice to see a celebrity actually walking her dogs.

  • Stephanie176

    awww so cute dog

  • maju

    i love maui and blondie

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Why does she look so miserable?