Chloe Bridges, Nick J Love Interest ‘Dana’

  • Anonymous

    omg she does look like a bit of angelina jolie and anne hathaway. but she is really pretty.

  • Emma Jane

    she looks like a fish :/ no offense…

  • Anonymous

    she is kinda pretty… i cant tell if i like her lips or not though :|

  • anonymous

    she’s pretty but her lips are huuuugee
    her mouth takes up like half of her face lolll

    cant wait for CR2! :)

  • xharmony

    I bet she’s a nice person, but I really don’t find her the least bit cute. If her and Nick end up having a kissing scene at one point or another, she’ll eat him alive.

  • Yamom<3

    Fuck it. Lmfao I’m not sticking up for her but her lips are not even that big, I’d kill to have lips shaped like that. Shes beautiful and her lips are really pretty. I think Nick feels lucky having a love interest for CR2 like her. You can’t judge people by there appearance. And I bet most of you don’t even look half as pretty as her. Well I’m done :)

  • Anonymous

    I think her lips are even bigger then Angelina’s. She is pretty, though her lips are too big.

  • Fani

    Some of you people hate her because she plays
    Nick love intrest
    I love Nick and I dont hate her
    Just give her a chance
    then you guys CAN judge her
    You know what they say dont judge a book by its cover
    probably you’ll end up liking her
    She seems sweat and nice

    Team Chloe Bridges!!!
    Whos with me???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Same here.

  • Anonymous

    her lips suck .not to be jugdemental but its true live with it.and all you comenters who said shes pretty your so……WRONG!!!!!!!!

  • Chanel

    Angelina 2.0 lips and the nose (kinda)

  • Anonymous

    ughh theres something so nasty about her..she should be in a porn movie…shell totally fit

  • Anonymous

    She’s gorgeous, but her lips are huge!

  • Anonymous

    She seems sweet…

    but yeah.

    She would fit in a movie like that.


  • becca:]

    she is not that pretty.

  • Anonymous

    You guys need to stop hating..
    Like I get she plays Nick Jonas’ love interest,
    and I get that she has been linked to him,
    but that doesn’t make her look like a porn star, or whatever other comments that might pop up.

    The fact is that she’s BEAUTIFUL,
    Sure she has big lips, but that doesn’t necessarily make her bad :|
    Frankly, you can’t judge a person by one feature they have.. as some of you tend to be doing.

    Some of you seriously need to stop. It’s immature, and I don’t think the Jonas Brothers would even like it if you bashed people they worked with, just because they got the opportunity to.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a mix between angelina jolie and anne hathaway.

  • Raquel–

    lmfao her lips r freakin hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    her lips take up her whole face xD

  • xafranbix

    Give her a chance.
    You all just judge her cause she’s Nick’s love interest

    tell you what: if shes a sucky actress
    then you can hate.

  • Waffles

    um.. shes not Nick J’s love interest. shes Nates :)

  • waffless

    and yeah. shes is sooo gorgeous. id kill to look like her.

  • Anonymous12334556778990

    Nawww she’s a gorgeous girl. She could be the next angelina jolie lmao. Nahh but who cares if she plays Dana?!? I’m pretty sure she woulda done a dam good job at it. So don’t judge her as freakin nicks love interest, instead don’t judge her at all morons if you don’t know her leave it at that. Impretty sure you ppl who are mean towards her can’t act for your fkn lives even if ya depended on it!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this bitch is wierd looking…

  • Anonymous

    i hate how we all judge her….i saw we..because…..

    she’s so ugly!!!
    i dont think i can watch camp rock

  • Chelsea-Rose

    She seems really cool :)
    But I can’t stop looking at her lips in that interview :/

  • Anonymous

    her lips are hot

  • Anonymous

    Yeah her lips are big but she seems to be a really nice person! besides there’s something on her that reminds me of Angelina Jolie.

  • Anonymous

    she is so fugly!
    wtf is up with her big ass lips and she’s super skinny.

  • <3

    nick would never like her,

    eh. i guess this is why we can it ACTING.

  • xafranbix

    I’m a niley freak
    I’m a nick jay crayzay
    i hate new starlets

    kill me
    but i love her

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous but needs a better haircut! Face is a beauty though!

    Can’t wait for CR2

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  • Anonymous

    she has weird lips!

  • Helen

    was anyone else just basically staring at her lips through this? her lips are really big…. I just noticed.