Nick Jonas WHO I AM Cover By Brittany

Do YOU like Brittany’s Nick Jonas cover or NOT?

  • abcdefghijk

    I’ve been watching her YouTube videos for a year or so.. she’s so talented!! :)

  • Anonymous

    i love it! she’s such a good singer!

  • Emily

    I LOVEE IT!! :D

  • Anonymous

    I hate seeing fan stuff on this site.

  • mrsjoejonasx<3

    wow shes a great singer and a great guitar player i can see that she will have a bright future :)

  • Anonymous09121

    She is really good


    WOW she is sooo amazing!
    i kinda like it better then nicks :P

  • xoxokatie8

    wow she’s really good

  • paola

    shes talented but i prefer my nicky voice ..hes cute :)

  • Madison

    She is SUPER talented!!! :D
    Shes like better than Miley Cyrus
    Hope she makes it someday :D

  • cxkv

    listen to her cover of “the climb”!

  • Anonymous

    Love her. And I saw her at my JB concert in July. :D

  • imnotkool

    AWESOME! I love it. A couple of small mistakes but wow.

  • Camila!!

    i love her!!! she is so talent!!

  • Goldengal11

    Wow, she’s really good!

  • coffeecoffeecoffee

    I wish I could sing and play like that.

    Choir camp did jack shit for me. : (

  • Anonymous

    if you like her go to brinicolest on youtube its a fan page

  • brianaheart19

    One of my inspirations.

  • Jessie//

    Great cover! Beautiful voice she has!

  • Anonymous

    GREAT! If I had a record label I would take her! shes awesome!

  • isa

    i love it! she’s very talented :D

  • Emilicious

    She is so freakin talented! I just watched this before it was posted here hahha You guys HAVE to check out her original songs! They are AMAZING! Im jealous.

  • BirthdayCake

    I’m a huge Brittany Nicole fan. She is so talented! And this cover is amazing.

  • AlyssaNicoleJonas

    WOW. shes so good : )

  • ilovemusic

    She’s so talented.
    I love her.

  • DinoGirl

    I really really loved that. :]
    Talented girl.

    P.S. I used to have both of those FOB posters on my wall. ;]

  • Anonymous

    Damn, this girl is awesome. The fact that she was able to not only sing but learn the whole song on the guitar just by ear when the song JUST came out is incredible. I’d totally buy her CD.

  • Nataliee(:

    i sent this!
    and she is amazing!

  • ammanda


  • Chelsea-Rose

    I love Brittany – she’s so talented! :)

  • Anonymous

    your soo good! you sound like demi lovato!

  • Lala

    She covers every song, gosh.

  • jbluver86

    she has an amazing voice!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    better than nick.

  • sdfkjg


  • Anonymous

    she is amazing!! keep up the good! i would love to hear more! :)

  • Chloe Mcclay

    Shes So Amazing

    I Love Her Video’s

    I Always Watch Them


  • Bree

    did amazing,,
    i’m so glad this made it yo ocean up ! :))

  • Anonymous123

    she’s really really good.

  • Anonymous

    this is sooo good!!! if it’s your dream to be a singer you should definitely go for it because no manager in their right mind would turn you down! you’re awesome!

  • Anonymous

    so good =]

  • hovertoy

    Not bad but no where near as good as Emily Harders cover of Who I Am on youtube.
    Emily is Amazing ! !

  • Cierra

    Wow she iz amazing!!!! Luv it!!!!

  • Naath

    OMG! Beautiful voicee!

  • Anonymous

    hah actually hers is better

  • Caitlin

    amazing, this is the best cover i’ve seen of ‘who i am’ :) great job!!

  • CornPopsGirl

    I always love her covers. she’s going to be signed one day, i just know it(:

  • Anonymous

    That was absolutely stunning! Great job girl:)

  • Anonymous

    hey how about you say don’t say anything then
    i bet $100 she is better than you’ll ever be

  • Anonymous

    hate this untalented dummy

  • Anonymous

    OMG! i like know her in real life! congrats brittany, you’re more amazing everytime i watch one of your videos!

  • Anonymous

    you got a big future ahead of you
    best wishes!!! amazing job.<3

  • Anonymous

    wooow, i love this!

  • Kailee Capela

    i absolutely love this

  • YouBelongWithMe

    Brittany is very talented.

  • Anonymous

    yeah thats is cover a song that just came out fucking retard

  • Anonymous

    it sucks that people like t.swift and s.gomez have record deals and people like this girl dont anyways shes freakin amazing!i hope she gos far and,i hear more things about her.

  • kim

    shes really good….i think i’ve seen her before doing alot of covers and shes always great

  • jesss

    Cheaa !:)love it
    Brittany is amazingg !

  • Angela.

    She’s amazing. :D

  • Anonymous

    She’s really GOOD! (:

  • Anonymous

    she is beautiful and an awesome singer!! keep going girl, you could defientely be a singer:)

  • CaitlinGerrish


  • Anonymous

    She’s amazing! I love her covers. Great job. I wish her success with her music. :)


    She’s wonderful.