• Anonymous

    Miley is dancing around in pretty much her underwear, freaking pole dancing and acting like some stripper. And you have the nerve to call Taylor a slut?! Miley’s a Disney girl and that’s the difference, Taylor works on Gossip Girl. so Taylor, she’s always surrounded by that, she’s always been that way. Miley’s just a slut, that used to have value– She’s always talking about how Christian based she is, and she’s dancing around in pretty much underwear. SHE’S NO BETTER THAN TAYLOR.. she’s worse, wayy worse. At least Taylor isn’t a hypocrite. Miley’s a joke!! You Miley supporters need to shutup, and stop justifying that what she is doing is any better than Taylor. It’s not. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR MILEY. she’s not innocent, and she’s not as good as every one thinks. Little girls look up to her and look at the example she is setting. Taylor on the other hands is on Gossip Girl, which is appealed to an older audience. It has sex, and sex appeal. Unlike Miley’s Hannah Montana. So don’t defend her and using Taylor as an excuse to make it seem like what she is doing isn’t so bad– cause it is. Younger girls look up to Miley. Older girls look up to Taylor– there is a huge difference there.

  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    love her met her twice bitches need to stop acting like they know her she owes you nothing

  • Jade Marie

    ooh i’m so hardcore “my friend got me a lighter”.

    haha seriously this girl tries wayyy too hard and she’s just embarassing herself.

  • Anonymous

    ^ Amen! Although both of them need to put clothes on. All the preteen think that’s the way to be when in reality ALOT of girls have more self-respect than to be caught dead in Miley/Taylor outfits. They think it makes them more grown up but in reality it makes people with a mind of their own(not the disney sychophants) think that they look cheap and easy whether they are or not (Miley probably)…cheers!



  • OOO


  • Anonymous

    I really didnt mind taylor until i read an interview where she said leighton meester’s music was like “the jonas brothers”. i mean, not only is that so untrue, but it just shows that shes jealous. oh well, at least taylor is passionate…

  • Jen


  • E.

    god she’s boring
    but alexa is boring aswell

  • bi bitch

    love herrrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    she should probably put some pants on…

  • Annie

    Ugh i cant stand her
    she so UP HERSELF and SUCH A POSER.
    its like stop trying to be courtney love u barbie-doll bitch. go back to gossip girl and put on some fucking clothes.

  • Anonymous

    the difference is that she doesn’t work for DISNEY

  • Ano

    from previous interviews u tard.
    u can tell she tries to copy debbie harry / courtney love and smokes like 10 cigs a day.
    her music and fashion sense suck

  • Ano

    she has all her life to dress like a cheap tramp/whore ….if shes on a show like gossip girl why start dressing like u cant afford clothes at the age of 16?

    shes so un-rock…..wannabeeeee

  • Ano

    she tries so hard to be hardcore
    shes not rock n roll
    shes a poser.
    go put some clothes on u baby-whore.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!! goshh!!!! her EP is PLATINUM!!!!! 1’011,503 COPIES!!! MILEY IS THE BEST!!!

    OMG!!! goshh!!!! her EP is PLATINUM!!!!! 1’011,503 COPIES!!! MILEY IS THE BEST!!!

    OMG!!! goshh!!!! her EP is PLATINUM!!!!! 1’011,503 COPIES!!! MILEY IS THE BEST!!!

  • Anonymous

    the difference is that she doesn’t work for DISNEY — Neither will Miley in June.. Hannah finishes taping in June..

  • Anonymous

    I think you guys need to shut the fuck up and stop being childish little pricks. Taylor’s awesome and she’s REAL rock not some obnoxious, selfish little slut that tries to act rock ‘n roll. I guess the reality is that you can’t go anywhere if your on Disney Channel unless you have real legit talent.

  • jenniferr

    how is she a poser?
    no one even really knows her personality its not like last week she was preppy and this week shes goth shes been this way the whole time and..
    shes an actress jenny is a character she PLAYS that doesnt mean she anything like her
    for all we know she could have been like courtney love from birth

    anyway this alexa chung lady is soo boring none of her interviews are that intresting

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    How did Miley even come up? She has nothing to do with Taylor. All you Miley fans come here to write that Taylor is a poser. If someone is a poser it’s Miley. She always talks about god and claims that she a hardcore christian, but she does nothing but dance around in her underwear in front of little kids. Taylor has been like this for a long time. I’m pretty sure that she’s not copying anyone, but she has probably been inspired. And her music is actually really great. I you don’t like her or her music don’t come here.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!! goshh!!!! Miley’S EP is PLATINUM!!!!! 1’011,503 COPIES!!! MILEY IS THE BEST!!!
    ———– Wow! Thats amazing! Mileys EP was released Aug31st. Thats not even 3 and 1/2 months! WOW!

  • Vir

    If all you can do for Miley is saying that She is better than Taylor Momsen then you have a problem.
    Stop hating against Taylor, she rocks. Why is she a poser? I don’t remember her ever saying she liked pop music or she liked wearing designer clothes, she’s been the way she is for long.

  • Anonymous

    ahhh enough is enough
    first of all, you can’t read anything in interviews; celebrities are misquoted all the time
    and um B stoooppppp hatingggg it’s ridiculous

    you are all just jealous b/c these people are out making money and you aren’t

    quick downing others and take some initiative


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  • TeamMiley

    So shes Mileys age? She does concerts in her fucking underwear and doesn’t get hated or told off or sued? Seriously? Whats your problem with Miley? Shes friggin’ awesome and she doesn’t perform in underwear. Taylor is a slut, Miley isn’t.
    Miley got called a slut for kissing a boy who btw, was her boyfriend. HELLO? She was 16 years old, let her live? She can’t stay a kid forever and shes 17, obviously shes gonna wanna have fun and she deserves to dress how she wants!

  • Lorena


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  • annnnn

    this is a perfect example of the fact that it has nothing to do with age its more so fanbase if miles wasnt with disney NO ONE would care what she did

  • Anonymous

    nooooooooooooooooo, the monsterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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