Ashley Tisdale DISNEY Studios Departure


Ash stops by her parents before going to Disney Studios in Burbank. Limelight.

  • fatin

    aww im glad she came from Disney , Demi and Ash were partying so what ? they still cute !

  • Anonymous

    Demi and Ashley partying. Damn, can’t she find people her own age to get drunk with?

  • reldsteerma

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  • Anonymous

    Own, my baby ?

  • an.illusion.

    I LOVE HER. She was my all-time favorite Disney actress.

    I’m glad she’s still on Disney, but not being held back to anything! She was so cool when I met her and she’s GORGEOUS in person!

  • felipe

    i really love ashley tisdale, and i love the new album by her ‘Guilty Pleasure’

  • reldsteerma

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  • Anonymous

    i would cum on her face

  • muahaha

    Ashley is SO pretty :)

  • Goldengal11

    I always find myself wanting to steal her clothes. My gosh, those BOOTS! And that bag!

  • ET

    Love her.. and her bag.

  • Anonymous


  • anna(:

    Those boots are amazing!
    I love how she dresses, but what was the point of this post?

  • Anonymous

    The pumpkins and Christmas decorations are confusing. They should decide which holiday they want to celebrate!

  • ;]]

    please vote for my puppy GOTHAM<3

    thank youu so much!!(:

  • SJS

    She stole Joe’s boots! Hahahaha! Just kidding. He needs to step outside though. I’m going through withdrawl. O_O

    I love her outfit. She usually dresses cute in an actually weather-appropriate way.