Nickelodeon Stars SING JINGLE BELLS

  • tater_tingo.

    tht song was cool tho

    pretty pimp lol

  • Anonymous

    how is victoria not included? she has been in zoey 101 and guest star on others, she has been in spectacular and now having her own show in Jan. what are you talking about????!???

  • Cassass

    I like it. But if Disney did it, they’d go all out. They would make everyone sing on pitch and the video would be decked out. Disney has to high of standards and makes everything seem perfect

  • MeMeMe N

    i don’t really like NICK but tbh i love how they all did this even know half of them can’t sing and it made me smile… i guess it seems more christmassy than disneys perfection :) i kinda liked it :S im scaring myself

  • Anonymous

    disney wannabes :)

  • tater_tingo.

    the thing i do like about nick

    they can talk about boobs and other teen stuff unlike disney

  • Anonymous this is awsome opening credits of a new NILEY story check it out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kourtney

    I don’t know who like any of these people are except the icarly people and victoria because I used to watch zoey 101. I miss old 90’s Nick.

  • Anonymous

    awww cute!!
    and so ist that video that looks like a real tv show!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Drake & Josh is still my all time favorite show!

  • tater_tingo.

    y do they always try to include victoria on everything nick wen shes not even a current member
    its like disney have raven on everything
    i wish

  • Nina

    lol thatz no Oscar datz a guy from the Troop. Disney can’t copy this video nd make it better no way! This waz very creative. Love mirandaz dress. Btw james is soooo hot. But looks like a girlish guy version of shailene woodley.

  • Nina

    victoria is getting her own show itz called victorious so she is a part of nickelodeon.

  • Gemini

    this a cute commercial i like it
    Why can’t disney fo this?

  • Anonymous

    It’s cute but Disney pwns Nick now. But Nick back in the day was the SHIT.

  • Anonymous

    disney channel is so overrated with bad actors and not even funny! Big time is 1000x better than jonas!

    NIckelodeon ftw!

  • Anonymous

    you need to shut up about me goodness sakes jus shutup do u think u kno everything

  • Anonymous

    disney channel is so overrated with bad actors and not even funny! Big time is 1000x better than jonas!

    NIckelodeon ftw!

  • Gemini

    I don’t like the Big time rush people TRYING to sing

  • Anonymous

    Wowww! Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush is sooo fine! I’d take him over any Disney star! (Besides Jonas) Wait….isn’t Jonas the ONLY Disney show? :P Gotta love iCarly and Big Time Rush!

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Cute commercial. I like it.
    But why can’t Disney do this? It’s cute. I mean, even though half of the Nick stars can’t sing (All the Disney stars sing 10000000x better), they still do it for fun! That’s cute!

    But why couldn’t Jennette sing also? She has an amazing voice! She appeared in the video, but didn’t sing =/

  • lissa

    this was great!! And even though miley is my favorite person and I’m 21 yrs old, i GOTTA SAY I LIKE NICK 100 TIMES BETTER!! They don’t have to be perfect and the show has more elderly vibe to it!!

    love the commercial, really cute and fun!

  • lissa


  • Katie13

    WTF Was that!!!???
    Half of them couldn’t sing, and the others were randomly dancing…..
    Then again….I hate the new Nick
    90s Nick was and always will be the best

  • Anonymous

    the guy from big time rush i think his name is james. my god hes hot. i like big time rush. they can sing act dance and plus theyre hot. loving them already

  • Nina

    nickelodeon is trying to make a come back soon they will be as good as they were in the 90s

  • jbluver86

    i like this commercial!

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    y do they always try to include victoria on everything nick wen shes not even a current member
    its like disney have raven on everything
    i wish
    I like Victoria, but lately… she seems kinda stuck-up and snobby to me. Idk why.

    And speaking of Zoey 101 (someone said that…), am I the only one who liked the 2nd season better? It just wasn’t the same when Alexa Nikolas (Nicole) got off!

  • Louise

    Why does everybody say Disney is better? I like this a lot more than all those ‘fake’ Disney stars.
    I mean I love Disney but it always has to be so perfect. Al least they have fun in this video.

  • Anonymous

    So true!! Alexa Nikolas was awesome!!

  • hpaddictedx

    This is really cute.

  • Nina

    this video waz awezome. There is no way disney can top this oh yeah. Ppl alway think diseny stars are the best. Soooo not true.

  • FAz

    :) this is okay i guess

  • Anonymous

    i like disney, buut i also like NICK..
    NICK teens are able to be more free, and they can say more “innapropriate” things on their shows, too

    disney would have gone ALL OUT and made a really good xmas song, which i’d probably like
    but i love how NICK’s commercial was soo natural and fun

    and this is random, but disney TOTALLY copied NICK with the “send it on” “friends for change” thing!

    NICK has had “Big Green Help” for years!
    so unfair that disney uses its more popular singers for more popularity

  • Anonymous

    i need a demi post. btw this is really cute

  • tater_tingo.

    NICK sucks
    besides spongebob

    love him

    and no im not 12

  • kt

    Lool soo true :D

  • Anonymous

    disney could kick their asses.

  • Leena

    this was actually pretty cute-ish. reminded me of the “old” nickelodeon in a way.
    and i love Oscar from true jackson VP.

  • xoxokatie8

    ^ spongebob squarepants is the greatest tv show EVER!:D

  • Anonymous

    Victoria was there because she starring on her own Nick show “Victorious”, premiering in March 2010 on Nick.

  • Anonymous

    Is this gonna be the next Disney?

  • Anonymous101

    90’s NICKELODEON was definitely the bomb!

    i love this. i honestly think disney canNOT top this. as many have said already, disney would go all out and then christmas-y friendship/family happy vibe would be gone.

  • Anonymous

    i like this it actually made me smile and its not perfect like disney would have made it, it looks like everyone’s having fun and the fact that some of them cant sing just makes it better…they’re showing that they are somewhat normal compared to some of the disney stars

    and i have been wondering what victoria was doing there…she didnt even sing and shes not on any of the shows any more..

  • devilgrins

    i actually think it’s sweet. nick stars are way underrated. at least they all seem to be a big joyous family who gets along with each other.
    disney has so many stars under their belt that you never get the friendly family vibe from them anymore.

  • tina
  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much they got payed for looking like complete idiots.. I still loved the commerical,it made me smile (:

  • Rawr

    Nick is the best
    disney WOULD go all out and make it seem perfect
    But this one is so unperfect that its perfect <33
    Love drake bells voice.

  • iloveyouux

    I like this it’s cute.

  • nelly

    fuuny luv it

  • Anonymous

    I love the current Nick shows

    True Jackson VP- Good show and I love Keke Palmer and Ashley Argota

    iCarly- The best show out right now

    The Troop- Real good show. Love teens fighting the monsters and saving the world thing. Too bad it’s going up against Disney’s WOWP in it’s time slot

    Big Time Rush- Liked the preview and those four guys can sing a lot better than the Jonas Brothers. Can’t wait to see the official premiere January 18th

    Victorious (coming out in March)- I like Victoria Justice a lot, but her upcoming show sounds a lot like “Taina”, an old Nickelodeon show I used to really like a lot. I’ll still see it though.

    And the game show Brainsurge is hilarious.

    BTW, iCarly gets higher ratings than any show on Disney right now.

    And I’m almost 19, yet still like Nickelodeon more than current Disney. Wish lots of success to the Nick stars in 2010.

  • Anonymous

    I know that half the ppl here can’t sing but this is soo good!
    I love how there just doing it for fun!

  • Anonymous

    Nickelodeon ftw!

  • Anonymous

    i absolutely love this commercial =]

    i like the shows on nick actually. idk why people say disney’s are better. they’re not better, they’re just different.

    but icarly ftw, i must say <333