In August, Alexandra met Zac Efron in Vancouver outside a bathroom!

  • Anonymous

    Zac’s face looks feminine…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Kevin needs to look like he does in the brown jacket picture more often

  • iliana

    zac efron looks like a girl rite here!!!!but da rest of da pix are awesome :)

  • Anonymous

    Justin Gaston…. please go away. Please.

    ps Nice bottle of Rum you’ve got there gumby.

  • Leena

    LOL zefron.
    and why the hell is justin gaston on there?

  • Anonymous

    Justin looks like a drunk, passed out hobo in the pic w/ Garret & Gumby.

    Wow, that was a weird sentence to write.

  • Anonymous

    Justin Gaston…. please go away. Please.

    ps Nice bottle of Rum you’ve got there gumby
    He is old enought to drink even kevin drinks.

    I guess the break up with miley really took him hard.

  • katiebugg

    whaaaaat. ): My picture with Chelsea Staub didn’t make the cut. Maybe you’ll add it later. OH well. it was awesome. (:

  • Leena
  • Angela.

    Eeee. Zac looks so cute. :]

    *Makes a disgusted face*
    Rob Pattz. Eek.

  • Mercedes

    lmao who is that in that picture w/ gumby holdin a beer?!

    they should’ve used that as the main picture for this post.

  • devilgrins

    that justin gaston photo killed my eyes!!

  • Anonymous

    my picture with madison is up (:14

  • Anonymous

    please vote for my cute yorkie- Gotham (:
    we really want him to win this contest!

    thank you so much!<33

  • StarLightSTARbright

    who the hell put that famewhore Gaston in there?

    Ahh,Zacc <3

  • xafranbix

    wow love rob
    he = cutie

  • xafranbix

    and yeah justin fagston … out of this post PRONTO.

  • love

    what happen to that underwear guy? is he gay?
    and nicole is so pretty :)

  • xafranbix
    hello nicholas
    ur a fine piece of sex

  • Beccaaa

    Thats meeee :) With Alex Noyeesssss <333

  • emily

    legit thought zac was a waxwork

  • coffeecoffeecoffee

    Hahahaha…at Rob’s face.

  • Anonymous

    juanita solis!

  • Anonymous

    Justin Bieber sang No Air with Jordin tonight in Boston.

  • 1-800-Who-Cares?

    what up with Ton-Of-Gas (Gaston) in the pic he looks gay

  • Xiomy

    AW, Maddie <3.
    EW, Asston.

    LOL @ Rob’s face.

  • Mélanie
  • CarolMacdonald19

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  • Anonymous

    Miley and zac efron look like brothers and sister.

    nick and vanessa look like brothers and sister.

    odd. opposite attract

  • Anonymous

    JB’s BUSDRIVER JUST OUTED NOURTNEY!!!! So.. Do you think Courtney Galiano is a pedophile for dating Nick Jonas? She is 22 , he is 17


    1 minute Ago —-wow!

  • Anonymous

    I wish we get some pictures of Miley and Liam in the UK!

  • Anonymous

    OMG what the hell happened to Gaston? He uised to be so effing hot!!

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  • Anonymous

    kevo is hot

  • Seriously

    Justin looks like Shit. I used to think he was hot but it seems like he was keeping up his appearence for Miley.


    OMG SHE MET ROBERT PATTINSON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    SO HOT.


  • Hilary

    Zac Efron <3

    but WHO THE HELL put the famewhore king Gaston in there?

  • Anonymous

    Vote JB for Musiqtone Artist of the Year . Their leading is slipping!

  • Anonymous

    WOW, Me and my friends front row at taylor swift concert pic is up! =D

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    Justy Wusty looks homeless. =/
    Prolly because he doesn’t have home anymore since Miley isnt there to pay his rent.

  • Ella

    Gregory Robert Garbowsky <3
    Alexander Noyes <3

  • katiee

    miley deserves soooo much better,
    thank god there over :]

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I’m sure Zac was thrilled to have finished his private business, then come RIGHT out and talk to a fan. Poor guy.:p

  • Anonymous

    Miley and zac efron look like brothers.

    nick and vanessa look like brothers.

    odd. opposite attract?

  • Nathalie

    ZANESSA VIDEO.. :d hope you like it!

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Why would anyone wanna meet Gaston?
    OMG! That picture of Gaston with that green thingy holding a drink and with that other dude…. I actually thought that Justin was Selena! Cause she has short hair and she has a shirt that looks like that! Ewww! He looks disgusting!

  • hpaddictedx

    Justin shave, please.

  • A.


  • Anonymous

    Zac looks like a butch lesbian in that first picture.

  • shytt

    justin gaston is sooooo gay.
    and WTF he looks like a monster.

  • Anonymous

    Justin Gaston? he is famewhore ugly

    Justin G = Courtney = Liam

  • xafranbix

    LMFAO at zac efron
    hahaha and miley deff dyed her hair , its a lil reddish

  • /

    seriously miley dated that pedophile? the homeless in our area looks soooooo much more better than this hairy dude.

  • Anonymous

    Does Garret wear nail polish in that picture with Gumby-Gaston?

  • Anonymous

    JB’s BUSDRIVER JUST OUTED NOURTNEY!!!! So.. Do you think Courtney Galiano is a pedophile for dating Nick Jonas? She is 22 , he is 17


    1 minute Ago