Honor Society Snackin’ On A Pear VIDEO

Honor Society ‘Snackin’ On A Pear‘ video @ Paradise Rock Club in Boston.

  • louisee


  • MeMeMe N

    omg i so wish i was there i’m addicted to that song :) x

  • Anonymous

    Loveee them
    new years eve in hershey anyone?!

  • Anonymous

    Im going to Hershey Yeahy Can’t wait :)

  • lillian

    This is sooo long ago!!

  • Anonymous

    OOOOh I love them
    One question when are their birthdays ??

  • kmo

    i love them! they are so funnny :) this video prettttty much sums up why they are so great. duh haha

  • Anonymous

    Yes im in this :)

  • Shianne Swift

    I Think They Are Just A Bunch Of Gay Boys Singing

  • Anonymous

    I was there, this was soooo much fun! These guys are so nice and so talented, and they go all out for their fans! They did this because the sponsor for the tour was USA Pears, so they just had fun with it, and USA Pears LOVED it! (oh and it was doen at the “Pearadie” (Paradise) Rock Club in Boston!

  • Anonymous

    wow..lost all my spelling at the end of that! it was done at the “Pearadise”

  • Ray Hernandez=]

    omg how are these losers going to ruin the 80’s legendary anthem “living on a prayer” by Bon Jovi.! are they like making fun of it? anyways this song sucks.

  • <3timtebow

    snackin’ on a pear?


  • Nicole

    i love them. <3

  • Bre

    OMG! I was singing this in orchestra today to my friend & she was like “Are you singing Living on A Prayer?” lol

  • Bre

    OMG! I was singing this in orchestra today to my friend & she was like “Are you singing Living on A Prayer?” lol

  • Anonymous


  • Effy

    looove them

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Alex Noye sooo ot!

  • Anonymous

    Im glad they still do stuf like this for the fans shows how awesome they are.

  • MZ

    They’re hilarious :) Love them<3

  • Anonymous

    they are so awesome!