• Anonymous

    ^ Person above = Awesome

    couldn’t have said it better myself. Like you can’t surpass the best rapper alive.

  • P

    Tony is a really good performer. You shouldnt judge him just because he’s trying new things.

  • Anonymous0815

    Is this the idiot who has gone from Disney to Nickelodeon ?

  • Anonymous

    ..his one time cover was better, but i still thought this was really good..& hahah i would also looove to see JB cover this song.
    but thats never gonna happen they’re too fake.

  • licknickjonas

    hahaha tony oller talking about oral sex?

  • Anonymous

    he’s not with disney anymore he’s with nick.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAOLMFAO. k. wow.

  • Anonymous

    Uhm wow. No one does Lil Wayne better than Lil Wayne. If he saw this he’d laugh in Tony Oller’s face. This makes me angry.

  • itsme

    ohhhh, so that explains why he’s allowed to do this then. lol. i was gonna say, disney would have his head if they still “owned” him.

  • latina4lyfe


  • Has Buttons

    What in this hell is this? Lmfao.

  • Anonymous

    rofl is all I have to say.

  • ohmyeffing

    What the f is this? stop white boy. leave rap to lil wayne. listen to no ceilings for a “mixtape.” Im sorry but i just really peed my pants laughing..this is pathetic. STICK TO DISNEY.

  • melissayea


  • Anonymous

    FIRST?! love him.

  • itsme

    SO JB can’t do anything like this, but Tony Oller can? Doesn’t he still work for Disney?

  • seriously.

    SO JB can’t do anything like this, but Tony Oller can?

    I would absolutely ADORE JB if they covered this song, lolol. xD

  • MilesToLove


  • Anonymous

    shanna: advice

    you should go to the psychiatrist..

  • i


  • Amelia.

    framing hanley’s was better.
    and if JB covered this i think all my dreams would come true ((: <3