Caitlyn Taylor Love I’M IN THE BAND!

>Caitlyn Taylor Love chats with Popstar! on her new Disney XD show ‘I’m In The Band.’

  • Kirsty

    eh? …. who?

  • cheskasg


  • Anonymous101

    she does seem fake. but i’m not going to say a lot yet. have to see how the show is first. i’ll try to give it a chance.

  • StarLight24

    Ummm…there’s no video?

  • Anonymous

    whaaaaaaaaat.. ?

  • Anonymous1234567890

    Say What!!!

  • Anonymous

    Awh, she performed at my school like two years ago, she sings rally good :) And was really nice to everyone !

  • Anonymous

    i like her but not that much!
    seems to false, idk the smile is fake

  • kasey

    I like Caityln Taylor Love, I downloaded her music like a year ago, :S ova a yr ago and i loved it.

    She’s pretty rockin.