Alice In Wonderland TRAILER #2

In theaters March 5, 2010.

  • jbluver86

    i can’t wait for this!

  • BGlitterBBy

    really well i guess.
    but i can’t wait for this movie two of my favorite actors Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp fo sho bro!
    Also the trailer looked amazing.

  • Anonymous

    ahhhhh i can’t wait!!!! johnny depp is amazing!!!! i’m sooo excited

  • Anonymous

    # 9

  • Anonymous

    Looks interesting. :)

    …I still like Syfy’s version a tad better though.

  • Anonymous

    Stoked, loved the original book :)

  • SJS

    This movie looks awesome. Tim Burton always makes weird & interesting movies. Plus, can’t go wrong with the cast they’ve got going here. :)

  • jerseygirl

    LOL. This movie looks freaky as hell but I can’t wait to see it!

    Johnny Depp is amazing and anything he does with Tim Burton is always entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    this trailer gave me chills (:
    omfg..MARCH? thats so soon! ;3 [well..for me]

  • Goldengal11

    Ahh! I can’t wait!

  • Mercedes

    so ready to see this!
    i love johnny depp & his movies w/ burton are always weird but a good weird?….

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  • Anonymous

    Tim Burton movies are always good, but extremely creepy at the same time!

  • hpaddictedx

    I am so excited for this.

    The book was very interesting. Too bad Disney didn’t stick to it in the cartoon verison.

  • B

    Omg can’t wait sooooo good! Who lives Johnny say I !!!

  • Mercedes

    it looks a little scary though lol & it’s in 3D!
    yep i’m going to be jumping out of my seat when i see this.

  • daydream

    I’m so fucking excited for this!

  • Anonymous

    His movies are always so fucking wierd…