Cody Linley King Of Leon Use Somebody

  • Anonymous

    omg cody’s hot. really hot. and it makes him 10 times hotter that he can play the guitar.

  • ARG-ima Piratian

    I love cody! and I like the orginal song. And I like the song at the end by that guy.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh! David is such a good singer!!!!
    I think they did an amazing job! :D

  • katie8p

    That was an extremely good cover that guy is really good. =D

  • Anonymous

    cody ruined it.

  • Anonymous

    better than the original.
    but cody ruined it.
    the other guy was genius.

    ha ha.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing :D

  • Brittany B.

    The “other guy” is David Correy, aka DC.
    He’s such an amazing talented guy.
    Go follow him on twitter @davidcorrey :)

  • Anonymous

    the other dude sings really great…when he doesn’t exagerate..and wow Cody looks soo grown up! =)

  • Anonymous

    wow, love it! Cody is sooo HOT! and the guy is amazingly talented :D

  • The laugh at the end

    Was that Selena Gomez that was filming? It sounded like her laugh…..HMMMMMMMM

  • deborah

    awww graet job guys

  • Anonymous

    DID I DO ANY BETTER?? — sorry but NO!

  • ARG-ima Piratian

    I shall listen to it in a minute.

  • kyoisorange

    nice :)

  • McJonas

    I <3 this version. No one can compare with Kings of Leon, but DAMN they played so good.

  • Anonymous14
  • MzNee
  • Nikkiii


  • Anonymous

    They suck. Stupid ass people shouldn’t cover Kings of Leon. Almost every cover is shit compared to KoL

  • Sabrina

    Raped the song

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Sooooo much better than the actual song which is HORRIBLE.