Cymphonique NICKELODEON New Star


Cymphonique, 13 & daughter of Master P/ sister of Romeo, has signed a deal with Nickelodeon to develop a series for her or add her to existing projects, according to THR. She has also signed a record deal with Sony Music, which has a partnership with Nickelodeon, has signed Cymphonique to a record deal.

Nickelodeon’s Exec. Talent VP said: ‘She is extraordinarily talented for somebody so young. She has great comedic timing, an amazing voice and is very self-assured.. we have had long history with this family’. Cymphonique was a finalist on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing, but lost to Jasmine.

  • lElE;;


  • Anonymous

    sucky sucky fuck fuck little Vietnamese hooker

  • d1sneystars

    For some reason her style kinda reminds me of Selena pre-stylist… anyway. WTF is up with her name. That was mean of her parents to do that to her.

  • nikabela

    Nickelodeon and Disney is trying really hard to get the next sensation… But that kind of superstar doesn’t come every year…
    Her name is, well interesting. But those clothes are just simply horrible.

  • Anonymous

    For some reason her style kinda reminds me of Selena pre-stylist… anyway. WTF is up with her name. That was mean of her parents to do that to her.
    O_o it looks nothing like anything selena would’ve worn before or now…or ever.

  • Anonymous

    he looks like a 12yr old Vietnamese whore

  • Anonymous

    Actually, her style reminds me of Noah. But it’s much worse.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.

  • Anonymous

    She makes Lady gaga a normal fashion queen



  • Anonymous

    It should be illegal to name your kids weird things like that.

  • Anonymous

    That’s so mean of you, i’m vietnameese thank you very much.

  • missdestinyhope

    Well good luck to her. She’ll probably won’t get as far as Romeo. Both of their music stinks though. Her song Butterflies is so annoying.

  • Goldengal11

    ….What the hell is she wearing?

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  • Anonymous

    lol. ghetto fab much?

  • Natasha

    Whot the fuck is she OU is boring today !!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, hunny.
    That is just not working.

    Btw; It’s getting really annoying how 99% of celebs these days are only celebs because they have “connections” or “former” famous family members.

  • Anonymous

    She makes Lady gaga a normal fashion queen

  • Anonymous

    Ok I’ll wait to hear her sing, but honestly I’m tried of people getting contracts only because their daddy was sort of kind of famous once upon a time. And..she’s 13?!? She really does look’s kinda creepy

  • patii

    her outfit is very…. intresting xDD lol

  • Anonymous

    LMAO there is nothing right about this outfit…unless she wants to be a clown, then it’s perfect!

  • Nina

    she’s from disney’s NBT. She’s pretty and has dimples like me. Don’t you notice that when people try out for disney and don’t make it they try out for nickelodeon 4 example keke palmer in jump in, victoria justice in suite like of zack and cody nathan kress and gage golightly were on suite life of zack and cody. Gage waz on the episode with selena. And now they are all stars of nick. Just sayin. But nickelodeon is making a step up though

  • Delsy

    Her clothes…

    She’s pretty dough.

  • TREY

    GO GIRL!

  • Casa


    Yeahh… She ain’t that amazing

    She actually scares me o_O

  • Kaylaxo


  • Anonymous

    Wow Nickelodeon is seriously going down!

  • LovatoJonass

    Nickelodeon is getting everybody to come in lol.

  • o.o

    Don’t worry, she’ll get a stylist..I hope.

  • Anonymous

    I think I’m blind lol

  • Bre

    OMG remember that show Romeo? Good times…

  • Itss Mehh

    ooo ShuttUhpp iBett Shee Lookss Bettah’ Than Yhu! !

  • lalalea

    holy heaven.
    what she’s wearing?!

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    I think she needs to work on her fashion that looks horrible

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  • Yo Mamaa;;

    Yhurr Dumbb…

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck? ._.

  • Anonymous

    hun you pretty but please pick another outfit

  • Anonymous

    Soee;;iBett Shee Look BETTERR THAN Yhu! ! !
    Soee How Aboutt Yhu Ghett Somee Tipss Fromm Her??

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  • Kiana

    I didn’t know she was Romeo’s sister. Ha. I liked her on next big thing but god, what is she wearing?!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    yall all need to back off cuz u aint the one gettin the big money ….lol

  • Anonymous

    just because shes master p’s daugther does not mean she has to get into the fame!

  • Anonymous

    noo I wanted gabi wilson to win… she has more talent( hooker outfit) lol

  • Anonymous

    all yall need to back off cuz yall aint the ones gettin da money ..l.o.l.

  • Anonymous

    yu knoee aboutt yu go suckk uhpp..bsz;she can sing’dance act etc.&yhu juhstt hatinqg ibet yu wontt even on disney or nickk;;like she is at leastt she on tevee and ios famouss was is yu doinqg nun riqhtt??soee stopp lil’mexican girl………………

  • nikexyz
  • Aaliyah Jonas

    URG! i wanted gabi wilson to win she has more talent! aka thats a hooker outfit:)

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  • Anonymous

    ewwwwwwwww wtf is she wearing??

  • Anonymous

    im 14 n i dnt dress like that~!

  • estefania fan

    okay first of all her outfit is messed up but i think shes gonna be one of those celebs that arent good singers and should stick to acting and i think shes gonna be a good one no naked pic or dirty texts and Disney knew she was not Disney star potential so they didnt pick her and nick is just picking up disney’s trash P.S the next Disney channel star is gonna be ESTEFANIA !!!! she sings acts and dances she is soo the NBT shes gonna be Mickey in the new disney channel shoe Dance Dance chicago with Bella thorne trust me I found out about her from youtube shes like the next Raven Symone. look at her vids this kid rocks

  • Anonymous

    WHAT IS SHE WEARING !!!!!!!!!!!1111

  • Anonymous

    people STOP HATING
    geez, be happy for her
    so she has ONE bad outfit..

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  • lElE;;

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  • Anonymous

    Shutt Uhpp Yhu Proly Cntt Even Dress! !

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a tacky dream, and her name isn’t helping the cause either. God awful name, god awful clothes.

  • Anonymous

    don’like this at all
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  • Doom

    When you can’t get into Disney…

  • tes

    oke great

  • AnonymousZOMG

    Holy shit she has the face of a 30 year old!!!! o_O

  • Anonymous

    its a unique name

  • Anonymous

    what kind of name is that..?!

  • jbluver86

    wtf is she wearing?!

  • Anonymous

    SHE’S ONLY 13?!?!?!?!
    omg.. thank god she’s with nickelodeon and not disney haha

    she only got that deal because of who she’s related too. (..daughter of Master P/ sister of Romeo..)

  • Anonymous

    fashion emergency here


    i agree 100 %

  • Anonymous

    I looked at your picture and started cracking up lol(HOT)!

  • AnoyMost

    fashion emergency here

  • jonaslautnerbabe!

    lmfaoooo her outfit!
    what the eff??
    anyways romeo is really cute i just met him a few months ago!
    he is fiiine!
    but ohmygosh his sister’s clothes ahahahaha!

  • hithere

    my eyeeeeees!

  • A person

    I liked “Butterflies” but “Lil Miss Swagger” scared me…

    Anyways, congratulations to her.

  • Anonymous
  • Dani


  • lucas

    very talented girl, i hope she become avery big star…
    pariuri sportive|poker

  • Timber518

    Whoa. Her name and her outfit is just too much.

    Anyway, that’s all Nickelodeon does. If they see a young kid is related to a big star they try to sign them up for a TV show. At least that’s what it seems like…

  • Anonymous

    her name sounds like a std 0_o

  • Break IT

    ahhhhhhhh what is she wearing !! my eyes hurt !!

  • hpaddictedx

    Too much wtf going on here.

  • flywithmexo

    She looks about 30.

  • @erika_sabiniano

    #Kenielle must be on no. 1 famn it!

  • ninastubb1203

    omg thats sooo discusting…..ewwww
    she’s new big crap…^^

  • Anonymous