Jake Johnson The Record Life Interview

Jake Johnson from up & coming band The Record Life did a cute Q & A with oceanUP. He also exclusively released his single ‘At Least I Told The Truth’ from the soon to be released EP ‘The Bedroom’ with oceanUP.

Stay tuned for official release date. Jake is currently dating JONAS star Chelsea Staub. Check his Myspace.com/therecordlife & Twitter.com/therecordlife. The song will be added to the post ASAP!

  • Anonymous

    i love the record life

  • Anonymous

    no they for sure broke up :/
    brians really upset if you talk to him about her cause jake was his best friend and chelsea broke up with him for jake.

    i feel bad that he has to sing chelsea every night!! that would be so hard to do :(

  • Anonymous

    how funny oceanup says thank you Therealshanna stop pretending she runs this site DUH everyone knows it and she sucks!1 @therealshanna please who cares about this guy? his music sucks balls anyways!1

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Brian and Chelsea broke up a while ago. Chelsea has been dating Jake. Pretty sure Chelsea is the one who broke it off with Brian.

    bdales > jake.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Brian.

  • Anonymous

    i kind of am ashamed of chelsea. im a really big fan of hers but i feel like all of a sudden she has changed. she used to be really fun and independent but lately she tweets oddly and breaking up then rebounding…so not classy! idk what she was thinking!

  • aya

    they didnt break up because of jake they had already broken up. and jake and brian knew each other since they are both in bands but they werent “best friends.” and thats how you meet people thru other people. you dont usually walk up to a complete stranger and say “hi wanna date me?”

    i wonder if danielle is mrs kevin jonas by now?????

  • Anonymous

    she definitely did leave him for jake. or at least thats what brian thinks and is telling all his friends…. and yeah they were best friends but now him and jake only talk a little bit. for brians birthday his friend got him a pinata with a picture of jake on it hahah it was soo funny!

  • Anonymous

    No chelsea and brain did split up, and when he sings the song “chelsea” live now, he says are you missing me niow? instead of are you feeling me now?

    and if you check twitter, jake and chelsea are together all the time and it is pretty obvious they are dsting now, as jake put on his twitter “i love my girlfriend for what she is, not WHO she is :)” talking about the fact cheklsea is famous and stuff.

  • Anonymous

    who doesn’t know that she just wants to be famous? don’t hate TRL’s music because you don’t like her. His music is full of soul he works hard on his music. give him a chance wait for the new song.

  • Anonymous

    when are you going to post the song?

  • Anonymous

    brian was way cuter too :( what is she thinking?!

  • Anonymous

    me and all my friends found out about the summer set because of chelsea cuz she always talked about them in interviews and on her myspace because she went to school with them. so yeah I feel kinda bad for brian but still he wrote a great song because of her and dated her for like a year so he should be grateful for all the help and their most popular song that she gave him. I think it really sucks that he disses her in his concerts now. she probably regrets ever helping them

  • Anonymous

    i love chelsea staub, i think she’s great.
    but i hate the fact that whenever the summer set is mentioned, chelsea’s name is automatically connected.

  • steph90peace

    She hasn’t . She has been meeting with fans at malls and stuff and she is working hard.

    Read her tweets and his tweets they are really happy together. don’t you want her to be happy?

    BTW thanks Oceanup for posting the song. It is so beautiful and honest i’m proud of TRL :D

    ahh why do i have to do math to comment :p

  • souzi

    #Kenielle #thestormbegan RT we are trying to make them TT’s for kanielles wedding and for niley’s brake up anivarsairy (sp?) plz #Kenielle #thestormbegan RT


    his music is kinda boring… :/

  • demi_lovato_roxs





  • heksjdgsa
  • JonasGirl007

    Jake is currently dating JONAS star Chelsea Staub.

    Did he say that or do u think that?

  • Bre

    OMG I love TRL! <3 Jake’s santa/bunny joke was too funny <3

  • Jobros

    realy boring!!!

    i want a jonas, demi or miley post!

  • Anonymous

    I love TRL. Jakob writes some pretty amazing songs. :)

  • Anonymous


    just because some little betch shanna took the video doesn’t mean you have to post it. just saying.

    We all get the point, we know she helps run oceanup. get over it.

  • ashleeee

    yah i saw that on hurley too i thought it was mean after all she did for them. <3 you chealsea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nidyan Fabregat

    i like Jake Johnson, but but the questions were BOOOOO!!!

  • liz

    jake and chelsea are really happy together so let it go.

  • Dana

    Now they are husband and wife :D
    congratulations KEVIN & DANIELLE

    the interview was disappointing but i like
    The Record Life…

  • Anonymous

    If anyone had watched the summer set show on hurley.com the other night, you would know how Brian (and probably the whole band) feels about the song now.

    Maybe they’ll do a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Go your own way” LOL!

  • NickJisoffthechain

    I’m pretty sure that Chelsea Staub is dating Brian Dales from the Summer Set. They even wrote a song about her. I don’t think that they broke up. Check your facts oceanUP.

  • ET

    I can’t find words to describe how much I love Kevin.

    When the pics come out.. I’m gonna cry.

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea and Brian had broken up a couple of months ago. Actually it was just a couple of days/weeks after the chelsea video was released. Brian and Jake were really good friends. I’m like 99% sure chelsea broke up with brian because the way he tweeted and felt of the break up made it seem like it wasn’t mutual. and anyway straight after they broke up she was with jake.

  • steph90peace

    ahh Jakes music is awesome :D Oceanup you need to post the song soon.
    He is so funny he always has the best answers.

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea and Jake got engaged, eloped, and are having a wedding ceremony for friends and family soon. (: I’m not lying!!!! I SWEAR ON MY LIFE THIS IS TRUE.

  • @erika_sabiniano

    keep tweeting #Kenielle everyone!

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  • kenielle



  • AnoyMost

    I thought that was a video from shannabananas youtube

  • Dana


  • Brianna
  • Brianna

    The brothers, who were expected to arrive at Oheka Castle in Long Island on Friday morning, have a busy couple of days ahead. The family rented out the entire second floor of the castle and the family, including a select number of guests, will also stay there.

    PHOTOS: The Castle Where Kevin Jonas Is To Be Wed

    The ballroom (where tonight’s rehearsal dinner and skating party will be held) and the wedding tent will be decorated with Chinese lamps bearing the couple’s names “Kevin and Danielle.”

    PHOTOS: Take A Look At The Engagement Ring!

    Approximately 45 people are expected for Friday’s dinner and skating.

  • Anonymous

    what did they say about chelsea? i didn’t get to see the hurley thing.

  • Brit

    I went to high school with Jake Johnson.