Selena Gomez, ‘I’ve Asked Out Guys..’


Selena Gomez chatted with Seventeen about PROM! Who would be in your prom limo: Demi Lovato, Jennifer Stone, Taylor Swift, my cousin, Priscilla, and my friend Ashley. So I’d have my two Texan friends plus my three LA friends. That group would be awesome!’

What do you think about girls asking guys to prom? ‘I think it’s a ‘do’! I’m all for going for it. I don’t care how tough guys seem; they’re probably just as scared as you are, anyway. I’ve asked out guys before, some have said yes, some have said no. And that’s the worst that can happen!

They say no, but you’re not going to die, and nothing’s going to happen to you. Sure, it may feel kind of bad at first, but you can walk away knowing that at least you gave it a shot. And he’ll always remember you as the girl who asked him out, and one day he’ll hopefullly also think, Man, I should have said yes. Dedicated to jayce. Do YOU think girls should ask out guys?