Allstar LAST CHRISTMAS Cover Song

Allstar performing @ a Christmas party this weekend. Thx Amanda C! 3+

  • Anonymouslyyyy

    its allstar WEEKEND
    get it right >”[

  • Anonymous

    Met those amazing guys 4 times now :) i love them!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lol :) the chicken songgg :) luv em

  • Vanessa

    lol they are so cool.

  • Anonymous

    yup, you gotta love them all <3

  • Anonymous

    I am Nick Jonas & I must confess “Courtney & I had Sex” I am sorry fans, but had too! I am very competitive and wont let my brothers beat me at ANYTHING!!

  • star19

    I need a new post. |:

  • KIM

    Allstar weekend is amazin i meet them at the jonas brothers concert in L.A. and also saw then at the justin bieber concert in L.A. I LOVE ALLSTAR

  • star19

    Oh please..

  • cheskasg
  • Wesley

    Yayyy A-dubs! <3

  • KIM

    Allstar weekend is amazin i meet them at the jonas brothers concert in L.A. and also saw then at the justin bieber concert in L.A. I LOVE ALLSTAR

  • jenny

    Allstar weekend is amazing:)
    Glad you’re finally starting to realize it oceanup. hahah
    except for the chicken song….if it was a cow song…I would be more accepting..hahah
    well…hopefully more adub posts to come.

  • Mrs. Jonas

    I LOVE ALLSTAR WEEKEND (: ive met them 4 times, & zach said he loves me <3 glad to see oceanup’s finally catching on that theyre amazing :D

  • Anonymous

    I met them at the Jonas Brothers concert and then a premiere… and at the premiere they remembered me from the concert! :)

  • Jane

    Allstar Weekend will play after an ice hockey game on New Year’s Eve in Indiana.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! Finally A-Dub is on oceanup. So proud of those boys. Males me smile when I see them on here. :)

  • cheskasg
  • Anonymous

    Awww I love Allstar Weekend! They’re seriously the nicest guys everrr. Bout time, oceaup =)

  • Andreaaa(:

    Allstar Weekend is this shizzzzzzz :) Love them!?

  • Andreaaa(:

    I went Love them!!**

  • alixiss

    hahaha :)

  • Taylena

    Where is everybody? xd

  • Gabyy.

    oceanup has been so slow lately… :|

  • Anonymous

    allstar weekenddd =]
    love them <3
    so happy theyre finally on oceanup!

  • Anonymous

    i just relized that when i was lining up for the jonas brothers world tour 2009 concert in boston last summer, i met those guys……….. cool!

  • Billy

    that main singer takes it an octave wayyy too high

  • Hilary

    yay =)

  • Anonymous



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