Australian Idol Stan Walker THE CLIMB

  • Anonymous

    Stan is freakin awesome . Praise Jesus for putting him on that stage. He’s been through so much and so he deserves it:)

  • Anonymous

    god gave him a gift to SING ! he was born with this gift
    HE IS AMAZINGGG !!! one in a million!

    i met him a few ays ago he’s so nice!!! and a greattt person!

  • FuzzyMcBuzzy

    Yeah he’s a New Zealander… Australia stole him off us…. just saying!

  • tessa.

    Yay! Stan sounds great!
    I’m sooooo glad he won Australian Idol.
    And he’s such a down-to-earth guy.


  • CupcakesBBYx

    Stanss Awsommmme
    but i love haley
    hope she gets a record deal
    i love black box

  • jonas fan

    he sings it way better then slutty cyrus go ozzies

  • Anonymous

    i didnt like that hayley got the good day song. cos its like a big slap into the face to stan. no other idol before has gotten to release the single the show wrote for them if they didnt win, unfair :|

    BUT., i love stan!!!

  • Anonymous

    why are a lot of talent show people singing the climb? like joe mcelderry or the estonian idol? something different, please. lol.

  • tg

    hahaha yeah we stole him…. he came to australia coz its better and we hav idol…

  • Talz

    yeh hayley did get a record deal!! shes on the radio already she rocks!!

  • Katelyn(:

    Oh my! He’s so good! I like that he’s different, his voice is unique(:

  • clo

    i think that even though the arrangement is slightly weaker than the original, stan’s voice is a LOT better than miley’s.
    she can’t even vibrato. i think thats saying something about her vocal abilities.. it’s unfortunate because her talent is minimal compared to people like stan.

  • Anonymous

    stan is the man.
    kiwi’s for life, even if he did move, hes still kiwi at heart
    i think this version is much better then mileys version.
    i loved him from the begining of idol
    GO STAN!

  • Anonymous

    Stan the man. i love you, haha :) Kiwi forever

  • Anonymous

    gooooooooooood (:
    very good +
    i think he looks very cute :d
    but love the original more x

  • Anonymous

    yeh stan is awesome! so glad he won aus idol :)
    and yeh the guest judges on the show did love him. not only did pete wentz offer him a record deal if he didnt win, but also the madden brothers from good charlotte and michael buble’ said they definitely wanted to introduce him to some producers! like how awesome is that! wooo stan yeahhhh :D

  • Anonymous

    He’s different, i like it :)

  • naomibee_

    he’s good :) i like it

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  • Jonas88

    i dont like it :/

  • abc


  • cheskasg

    jonas 88 omg i love you icon

    he good

  • Hilary

    he’s good :)

  • Anonymous

    stan was the stand out on aussie idol BY FAR.
    everyone who guest judged loved him.

    pete wentz offered him a record deal if he didnt win. but he did.

    stan’s the man.