• toni t

    i met joey at that shopping spree!! and i love him! he is soooooo hotttt! and i love his song footsteps! ;)

  • jessie

    joey is my homeboy! go joey!! wooo wooo!

  • Joeyluvr

    Mmm wanna lick him like a lollipop ;)

  • Emily


  • GemmaMckZ

    he started following me on twitter the other dayy

  • Anonymous

    Are you guys mentally unstable? At least this boy is doing something with his life rather than sitting on the computer critiquing other people and THEIR looks. I’m going to guess that you “haters” are not that attractive either. I’m terribly sorry about your shallow personalities, but don’t take out your teenage aggression on Joey Page who has done absolutely nothing but pursue his career and rightfully gain publicity.

    Happy Holidays.

  • sicknastyyy amanda

    joeyy is awesomee! loveee this video! that stuff was fun!


  • Anonymous

    loveeee him!! hes gorgeous <33

  • Anonymous

    Joey rocks!!!!

  • kaylaaaa

    aww, Joey is amazinggg:)
    loveee him

  • Anonymous

    He’s cute <3

  • Anonymous

    Joey Page is so freaking hottttttt!

  • Anonymous

    So proud of him!!
    Way to go Joey!

    Miss you in Texas!!

  • Sicknasty Roey

    Joey is amazing!
    Love his music!!!

  • Anonymous

    Joey Page you are amazing, sweet, and talented!! Please don’t change! Keep going don’t give up, follow your dreams!! Well really your already are but still :) YOU GO BOY!! haha ;) I love you!!<3 Also Ida,Michgian was so much fun I really had a blast! Thank you and your family so much for everything..It's always worth traveling to see you in concert because you worth it! You always make it make it so much fun and a blast!!

    :) <33

    Also for the one's who don't know him you should really check him out at
    Follow Him on twitter too!

    For the rest of you who’s going to leave some negative comment’s don’t even bother please!! We all know you have nothing better eles to do just to hate so please think before you put anything and go get a life! Thank you :)

  • Anonymous

    Joey Page is amazing I love him

  • shay

    love these songs!

  • amanda p, sicknastyyy

    don’t hate..


    joey page is very talented and soooo much fun! love ya joeyyy! ;)

  • B.E.S.T. :)

    joeyyy pageee is awesomeee!

    he is one of the nicest people EVER, and veryyy talented!

    don’t hate on him cuz you’re jealous ;)

  • SicknasyyyAllison

    Joey Page is seriously the most amazing guy in the world (:
    i love him<3
    & I miss him a lot :(
    joeeey needs to get his butt back to boston ;)

  • Anonymous

    Joey Page is amazing!! Don’t hate, appreciate! He rocks!

  • Anonymous

    I love joeyyy soo much!
    he’s the best and gives so much back to his fans.
    I appreciate everything him and his parents have done for me & friends. :)

  • Anonymous

    I love joey, im actually wearing my joey page shirt rigt now.

  • Paula

    Will he ever come to Mexico I want to see him

  • TaylorH

    love his song “girl Who Understands Me”!!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG he’s so cute

  • sicknastyyy amanda

    me too! :)



  • Tara

    I wish he would come to the UK

  • Raquel__

    He’s following me on Twitter! Follow me too! @Raquel__

  • Sicknasty Corinna

    Joey Page is an amazing & Talented guy. :)

  • Juanita

    ohhh myyy lorddd.
    this boy is SO fineeeee!
    i wish he was my suga, hunniibunzz, & boyfrannd.
    He is hoT HoT HoTT!
    All I want this Christmas is dis boyy all wrapped up unda my tree!
    Joey Baby come show me some luvin unda the missletoe dis yearrr! :** mwwahhh!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love that boy

  • POP

    Love that guy! <333

  • Heather

    If you get a chance to see a Joey Page show live DO IT it’s so good. Joey Page is so down to earth with everyone it’s nice to see someone who still cares about the fans and not always about money. I wish Joey Page all the luck in 2010!

  • Nicks wife

    I have no idea who he is but he sure is fine looks like I need to find out more about Mr. Joey Page!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Joey is amazinggg and many otherrr things :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m in love with this guy. like, seriously :)

  • Anonymous

    sexyyyy man ;)

  • Anonymous

  • joann1990

    LMAO what a loser.

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  • melissaaa

    LOVE HIM!!! i was in Ida :)

  • Anonymous

    hes really hot

  • Anonymous

    hes really hot

  • jesslynn

    I HAVE A TMNT SNUGGIE TOO!!! ahhh love joeypage <3 <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    hes cute ;)

  • BSJBLover

    eww he is fugly. POST THE DAMN MENU!

  • Brittaniiii

    I love this kid!

  • Hilary



  • Anonymous

    Love Joey <33333

  • Anonymous

    I Love Joey Page!!:)<3 He’s the most amazing and nicest guy you’ll ever meet:)<3 I Promise:)<3 Get to know him:)<3 You won’t regret it:)<3

  • Anonymous

    i am no doubt in love with joey page! yep. love him!