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  • Anonymous

    umm no there amazing r u gay ? .. pretty much yea .. :)

  • abcdefghijk

    Adorable :)

  • Anonymous


  • xoxokatie8

    hahahha love them:)

  • ally

    aww how cute:)

  • Anonymous

    gay much?

  • xoxokatie8

    lalalla santaaa

  • Stephanie176

    aww thats so cute! whos santa lol???

  • loveFinnHudson


  • nickscurls


  • Anonymous

    We want this card!

  • megan.jonas

    this is really cute . :)

  • Hilary

    LMAO. Who the hell designed this card?!

  • justine.

    is this real…. or photoshopped?

  • Michelle : )

    Doesn’t anybody else find it kinda rude that someone stole their family christmas card? Can they not get some bit of privacy? I thought it was like illegal or something for the post office people to do something like this?..

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Santa looks like he shouldn’t be near Frankie.
    Creepy :S


    AWWWW!! they’re so cute<3 this is the first time I actually notice(and it’s really noticable) that Nick is taller than Joe, I thought Joe was taller by a few inches or maybe they were the same hight but Nick is taller and it looks it can by 2 inches maybe aswell

  • I hate Ocean up

    Anonymous said:

    gay much?
    look at yourself first! and then talk

  • TEXT%
  • cant wait 2 get it

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Cute card! Santa’s pretty creepy… but the card’s cute!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    looks like a Camp Rock picture.. I don’t know haha cute :)

  • AnonymousLovesJoe

    Yes, Joseph that IS Santa! I love how he’s so excited.

  • Anonymous

    Santa baby, slip a jonas under the tree, for me. Preferably a joe :)


    ADORABLE and… (my fave word) AWQUARD!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Santa baby, slip a jonas under the tree, for me. Preferably a joe :)

  • OceanUp Fail

    epic Christmas card. :P

  • Anonymous

    whatta dirty santa.

    the boys look cute though. joe is just standing there with a fake smile on his face thinking “can we get this over with”. nick looks uptight and awkward or something (but still adorable.)kevin is just like “what the fuck? im a 22 year old man and im sitting here with santa claus. what is that?”and then frankie is there to keep everyone looking a little more normal haha

    love that crazy jonas family.

  • Anonymous

    cute! is it real though?


    hahahahahaha. if this is real, it’s amazing (:

  • oneofakindxo

    Joe looks excited.
    Nick looks confused.
    Kevin’s like “wtf.”
    Frankie looks normal.

    What a weird Santa, hahaha.
    Cute picture though!

  • KeepTheFaith

    Hahaha. What a cute picture. Even with the santa there it doesn’t seem like a Christmas picture to me

  • got nothin on me =P

    OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME. hahaha i want one :)

  • pft.

    lol. santa looks like the local homeless drunk. and when did frankie get so big. hes still adorable.

  • _Tiger_

    Mercedes said:
    lmao santa looks so dirty.
    lmao he looks like he shouldn’t be so close to frankie.

  • xoxokatie8

    wouldn’t that santa confuse frankie?
    like what kind of santa looks like that:O

  • Anonymous

    kevin looks like an elf w/ his hat. hahaha. nick looks hot… as usual. santa needs to actually have WHITE HAIR to look like santa.

  • Anonymous

    too bad thats completely fake…

  • Kourtney

    this looks like a card for the show jonas or something..not an actual christmas card

  • colleen

    Awww!! Cute-Much!!! I love the Jonas Brothers: ohh Joe!! ;)


    You’re kidding.

  • ooplah

    that santa is a creeper…

  • hpaddictedx

    Is this for real? It looks more like a card for the show.

  • AAC


  • xharmony

    i love this. hahahaha


    lmao, I hope that’s not their grandpa

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure it’s fake

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious…Santa has a Hawaiian shirt on. Frankie’s getting big.

  • msjonas13

    aw its so nice. theyre so hot!

  • Anonymous

    Joe’S OLD HAIRCUT <3

  • iFly…JJ

    ya gotta love em Jonases.

  • iloveyouux

    Why does santa look… uhm.. so.. weird looking o__O

  • Mercedes

    lmao santa looks so dirty.

  • iFly…JJ

    joe’s hair is always changing,I wonder what might be next.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    I love this Picture! :)

  • Anonymous


  • YouBelongWithMe

    LOL Sanata

  • Anonymous

    Always like a picture of the Jonas Brothers, all four, but this one is interesting. Who is this santa?

  • w

    LOL dirty Santa
    Joe, I love your big hair.
    Such an adorable family <3

  • Anonymous

    i wuvvv nicky.

  • shanell808

    nah, that looks like the hawaiian santa.

    in hawaii there’s like the regular looking santa and then theres on santa who has on an aloha shirt, surf shorts, and slippers.

    so that’s not weird to people from here haha.

    but i think the jonas brothers need to come to hawaii SOON for a concert :)

  • xoxokatie8

    that’s a weird looking santa;D

  • Bonnagirl11

    ok this is ……………interesting the santa is creepy and look at Frankie awww he is growing up soooo fast

  • Anonymous

    joe looks disgusting :s

  • Anonymous

    joe looks disgusting :s

  • DooDaaPerson

    btw, I miss joes hair like that.

  • KaraJonas

    wow fake much!

  • iloveyouux

    lol! <3

  • OceanUp Fail

    Omg, your icon is gorgeous.
    Is it Vanessa Anne Hudgens?

  • ally

    nick is sooo hot

  • Danycakes

    this is… interesting

  • Xiomy

    xoxokatie8 said:

    that’s a weird looking santa;D


    that’s Santa?
    I just realized that. wow

    I thought he was their.. grandpa? lol

  • _Tiger_

    xoxokatie8 said:
    that’s a weird looking santa;D
    haha agreed

  • 7.05

    Nick is just confused…haha