Emily Osment chatted with Zach Sang about her dating life and having a boyfriend, life on the road, Hannah Montana and her balance of personal Tweets and promotional Tweets.

  • annnnn

    she didnt say anything about dating lol

  • Anonymous

    i don’t hear her say she has a boyfriend?!

  • Nikki4591

    I listened to this 5 times over adn over adn I heard no boyfriend mentioned.

  • Be3

    I had heard she was dating the singer from Push Play!

  • Lindseilou

    when did she say anything about a boyfriend?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah she talked about dating! She mentioned that she has a “BOY” Back home in Cali! Tony Oller!!! Ohh they are cute together!

  • LoveHate

    Does she say it in that interview? I don’t hear her even talk about a boyfriend.

  • Talz

    omg i love her !!!! team EO!!!!! xx :D

  • renee

    wish i was her besty

  • Anonymous

    There was no boyfriend mentioned in this interview. -___-

  • jonasADDICTEDxo

    She’s NOT dating Tony Oller! Her boyfriend is CJ Baran, the lead singer of Push Play, who she’s touring with!

  • selena-HQ.Com

    shes verry pretty no surprise there


  • msjonas13

    im so excited to meet her again!

  • Jennnie247

    she didn’t say anything about dating. oceanup and it’s scams again


    That’s OceanUP for you, twisting words.

  • Anonymous

    oceanUP just want you to listen to it.
    they twist words.
    shanna sucks.

  • Anonymous

    i heard she said that she was dating tony oller.

  • Anonymous

    i didnt even know she had a old b/f

    remind me who is she?

  • iFail2Much

    She’s gorg.

  • Anonymous

    Who is she dating??

  • Misskellylove

    She is really pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I listened to the interview and I didn’t hear her say anything about a boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    I listened to the interview and I didn’t hear her say anything about a boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    She said nothing about dating.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t hear her say that’s she got a boyfriend

  • Anonymous

    “personal Tweets and promotional Tweets.”

    sounds just like failena homez but she doesnt do personal tweets

  • ashleigh

    i never knew that she was dateing anyboby i always thought that she was single

  • Anonymous

    u like india

  • Anonymous

    eu achava que ela não poderia ser mais bonita,

    mais eu percebi, que ela é uma deusa

  • Anonymous

    Garret Jiroux

  • Anonymous

    She does have a boyfriend. But he’s not a celebrity or anything…

  • Chuck Norris

    She’s dating the wrong guys! She should b datin me! :) I could play a majority of her songs already.I THINK SHE IS HOT! I think i’d have a chance of being her guitarist too. wut do u guys think?

  • disneystarsfan

    love her shes so normal and down to earth!! id love to be on tour with herrr

  • Anonymous

    thanks for your info.
    I am Emily fans. I hope they will be happy.short wedding dresses

  • aubreezybby

    she pretty and she can act but she shudnt sing y do all the disney gurls try to sing???

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  • Anonymous

    awh thats cute!

  • Anonymous

    okay i was at a push play show and while emily was onstage the bass player from push play Nick DeTurris was watching her on the side of the stage the whole time. i would be incredibly upset if she was dating him because im in love with him haha but im just gonna put that information i know out there

  • JONAS<3

    First!! :)

  • Misskellylove

    i thought she was dating Tony oller, they were so adorable together! :/

  • oneofakindxo

    Isn’t she dating Tony Oller? Their so cute together haha.

    I love Emily. <3

  • Anonymous

    who is she dating ??????????????

  • Anonymous


  • lillian

    She’s really pretty.

  • Anonymous

    She is so adorable. (: Love how sidetracked and down to earth she is!I’m truly excited to see what she’ll put out for her album.

  • brenda