Thomas Fiss You Belong With Me Cover

Thomas Fiss formerly of Varsity Fanclub covering Taylor Swift.

  • Katelyn

    so you know him personally, then?

  • Lindz

    you guys are insane !!! he did a really GREAT job covering this

    flat? that’d be your behind, NOT his voice. TSwift would be proud of this cute rendition and I wish this kid all the best

    at least he doesn’t sound constipated when singing like JB

  • Alexa Penn

    Thomas is the nicest guy ever! He is sooo good live! I met him two weeks ago… super cool, thanks for putting this up!

  • Anonymous

    He are so hot :)

  • Anonymous

    he’s hot :)
    good singing tho

  • Anonymous

    some bits are okay.
    most of it’s flat.

  • Anonymous

    He sounds amazing

  • Anonymous

    who are these losers?

  • Jessica

    I just fell in love with him all over again. I love this boy so much. He’s so adorable, especially at the end. <’3

  • Anonymous

    if you were smart enough to read, you’d see that it says, “THOMAS FISS, FORMAL MEMEBER OF VARSITY FANCLUB.”

  • Anonymous

    if you were smart enough to read, you’d see that it says, “THOMAS FISS, FORMAL MEMEBER OF VARSITY FANCLUB.”

  • kyoisorange


  • Brittany

    this boy has got some talent<3
    i miss vfc!

  • Dalz


  • TaylorSwiftRoxx13

    Gotta admit, its okay.. But of course Taylor’s version is waaay better. Not to be biased or anything ;P

  • Anonymous

    wow :) good
    if it sounds weird at times it’s because the song wasn’t exactly made for guys to sing
    but he pulled it off really good and made it all his<3 loved it.

    ^^ thomas oppa fighting!

  • Anonymous

    Go to to check out more of his stuff:)


    he is so HOT! but i don’t like his voice ew

  • Michelle

    Wow. I love Taylor and her amazingness and this cover is just as awesome!!! Kudos!! I love his voice :) where can I find more of his stuff?

  • chocolatelemonade

    HAHA! the # of comments on this site cracks me up everytime. compare the jonas brothers having a table tennis tournaments minus the video of the actual tournament to the video of this guy putting his heart and soul into this song. poor guy. but gd job (i guess since i watched like the first 20 seconds).

  • Anonymous

    he’s good!:)

  • ZainabJonas

    Awww that was cutee :)
    Better than what I was expecting
    Well Donee!!!

  • lalalalala

    he is a definite cutie. especially when he laughs!:)

  • Anonymous

    This guy is the biggest jerk ever

  • Anonymous

    the only reason people would REALLY like this video is only cuz they think he’s hot

    the singing is really not amazing

  • Anonymous

    This guy is amazing, If you don’t think its good, then do not comment alright? Atleast he is trying.

  • tessa.

    Yay! I love Thomas :) He did a great job

  • Anonymous

    he’s actually the nicest guy ever. I’ve never heard otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    amazing voice..
    holy he’s hot might I add

  • Mariela

    I love his version better!! He is one the nicest/hottest guys I have ever met!! Thomas is amazing!! If you don’t like it then just keep your rude comments to yourself!!

  • snowstars

    LOOOVEEEE HIM. He is so cute, and did an awesome job.

  • Anonymous

    great job hun this is really good.

  • kimm

    he’s gooood ! (:

  • Anonymous09

    woah no comments?

  • Jessica

    yay! Thank you for putting it up! :D

  • Anonymous

    this is really not that good…

  • Anonymous

    STFU you ont know anything about music.

  • Anonymous

    wtf? he is awsome.

  • Haley

    OHMYGODDDD haha i met him down here in san diego!!! he is so cute :) and the god thing is that i live by him lol

  • xoxRose

    Wow! I reaaally like it :D
    I do think his voice sounds best when he sings the lower parts!

  • Cali

    Thomas did a really great job. This boy grew as an artist. Even though I was really sad when he left VFC, he’s made such a strong comeback. He did a really great job covering T-Swift’s song and on top of all that, he sounded way better than most of the other covers I’ve heard. So, kudos for T-Fissle! And people, don’t judge the boy on how he looks, judge him by his music. If you care to listen to a song or two, you can hear that he really does pour his heart out into his songs.

  • Anonymous

    wow there are no comments lol

  • Anonymous

    m…6th comment? lol

  • Raquel__

    I think it’s really good, but some parts sound weird.

  • lanaa

    aw vfc. i loved thomas.

  • Anonymous

    Want to know more about Thomas Fiss?!
    Go to!!!

  • Maryamlovesvfcnthomasfiss

    tht was amazing!! i luv thomas fiss n varsity fanclub n i will always luv em =)
    damn he looks smexxii
    n don’t forget to follow him on twitter

  • Vanessa

    loved the cover!
    Thomas is great!

  • Anonymous

    OMg he came to my school today and gave us a concert i love him