Sterling Knight STARSTRUCK Viral Video

The paparazzi catch up with Christopher Wilde.

  • Joyce

    Danielle Campbell was in 4 episodes of Prison Break as Gracey Hollander. She was also in The Poker House.

  • helloww

    hi is hot but is kind of awkward seeing in a other prduction anthor than sonny with a chance speaking of sonny with a chance I LOVE THAT SHOW CAN’T WAIT TILL SEASON 2 AND MOST DEFINTELY CAN’T WAIT TILL MORE CHANNY TIME i allready what ep 1 is about can’t wait to see it on tv 2010!!i9s almost here most defintley gonna see this moive its a disney channel moive and disney channel have some rockin awesome moives

  • Anonymous

    Who is she? Well..I know her name is Danielle Campbell, but is this her first appearance? Or is she in other shows in tv?
    I saw pictures of her when they were filming that scene and she look prettier than in that video. Confusing! She doesn’t look like the same girl.
    Hope this could be a great movie and also looking forward to Camp Rock 2, even thought I didn’t like the first one. Not too much.

  • chloe(:

    Hes not that good looking -_-

  • Anonymous

    what kind of name is sterling knight? just like that boo boo both have stupid names

  • Anonymous

    I know that girl hahaha she is ….

  • Anonymous

    lol i agree boo boo is really a wierd name…but sterling is still okkk! :D